Apple Reminds Us That jailbreaking Is Illegal

In case you’re not aware of it, you can’t legally jailbreak or unlock your iPhone. You can’t! I know what you think. You bought this phone and you should be able to do whatever you want with it but it is not legally correct. The software installed on the iPhone is copyrighted by Apple and by jailbreaking it, you alter the software, getting yourself into a copyright infringement.

After having my share of troubles with Apple’s lawyers and during a phone meeting with their top copyright lawyer, he actually informed me that jailbreaking was illegal, but they can’t go after every jailbreaker for obvious reasons…

About a month ago, I published an article about the EFF petition to make unlocking and jailbreaking exempt from the DMCA. Basically, it’s a petition to make it legal for you do jailbreak your iPhone if you feel like it. In their asshole way of doing business, Apple replied quite extensively to the petition, obviously saying they don’t want the jailbreak to be made legal, which I disagree with, but completely understand.

So what can happen? Most likely nothing! Jailbreaking will not be made legal; I really don’t think so. On the other hand, jailbreaking will not be made illegal either. Still, it’s interesting to see EFF fight for us.

Engadget has a pretty good post about it. Read it for more info.