Paper Pilot – A Show Off App!

OK so I bet you are wondering what’s so great about “Paper Pilot” due to the title right? Well I’ll get right to the point. Although Paper Pilot is not a gigantic game that will keep you entertained forever and that you will get addicted to, it is a showoff.

This app uses the powerful Unity Game Engine and it shows off what the iPhone graphics can be. Paper Pilot has received criticism since it uses demos that come with the Unity Game Engine when you get it, but rest assure: Clever Coding (the dev of Paper Pilot) asked Unity for permission and they have allowed it.

The gameplay is pretty simple: you fly a paper airplane using the accelerometer, collecting paper clips and trying to do so in the shortest time possible to get ranks.

Here is a video of the gameplay (not by me):

Although the game is not yet a “wow” it is a very fun game showing off the iPhone’s ability. The devs have planned for a future update:

– Weapons, like spitball guns and pencil missiles
– Enemies, like the stapler and tape dispenser
– Dogfighting other paper airplanes

The app is normally priced at $2.99 but is on sale for a “limited time” at $1.99. In my opinion Paper Pilot is a fun game to have. It’s not anything you will be addicted to but is definitely fun and well made. You might want to get it at the sale price.