Sorta QuickPWN 2.2.1 Is Out. I Say Stay Away

I knew it wouldn’t take long for some hacker to come up with an unofficial version of QuickPWN to jailbreak the new firmware 2.2.1. This time, it’s Russian hacker Vortex that created the bundles and if I can give you a piece of advice, STAY AWAY from it.

People using this unofficial QuickPWN had varied results. So again, wait for the Dev Team to come up with an official version. They are most likely already working on it and I bet you we’ll have updated versions of QuickPWN and PwnageTool within a week.

As usual, I will give you the heads up when I have more info!

If you really can’t wait and want to take the risk of messing up your iPhone, then you can download this unofficial version of QuickPwn here.

UPDATE: Just got a tweet from MuscleNerd saying “iphone users in particular (even 2G) can do permanent damage running “untrusted” bundles (either broken or intentionally bad)”

If I wasn’t clear enough before… DO NOT USE unofficial versions of QuickPWN or PwnageTool!