RedSn0w Is The iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak

Let me toot my own horn for a second here… As usual, I was rightRedSn0w is indeed the future iPod Touch 2G jailbreak and the Dev Team is clearly working on it as we speak. Earlier today, the Dev Team published a post on their blog titles “Thermonuclear Pop”:

  • Well it isn’t a British Thermonuclear Device.
  • It isn’t an episode from “The Twilight Zone”
  • And it certainly isn’t iPhone 3G related (right now)
  • There is one other device…
  • It fits in your pocket..
  • What can it be?

If you’re not convinced yet, I invite you to read some of the comments on their blog, especially this one, where MuscleNerd confirms RedSn0w is iPod Touch 2G related.

Now the question is: when can we expect this ipt2g jailbreak? Only time (and the Dev Team) will tell…