Successful iPhone 3G Unlock

iPhone 2G jailbreak – checked
iPhone 3G jailbreak – checked
iPhone 2G Unlock – checked
iPhone 3G Unlock – NOW CHECKED!

Earlier this week, I told you that the Dev Team was going to release its iPhone 3G soft unlock on New Year’s Eve and today, MuscleNerd, leading member of our favorite hackers team broadcast live on Qik, showing the first “public” iPhone 3G soft unlock.

The live broadcast was about 4 minutes long and was not about fluff and BS. MuscleNerd went straight to the point switching SIM cards, running the unlock tool and showing the newly unlocked iPhone successfully operate under T-Mobile.

If you look at the video below, you will see that MuscleNerd is actually performing the unlock running some code directly from his computer but you won’t have to do that once the 3G unlock becomes available to the public on December 31st. Indeed, you will be able to download and easily install the unlock method directly from Cydia.