iPhone 3G Unlock Coming Before New Year

A new rumor is circulating about a possible software unlock for the iPhone 3G sometimes soon after Christmas. This is just a rumor so don’t get too excited but it is however true that the Dev Team has been progressing a lot towards this soft unlock.

This software unlock would be only available for 3G users that are still on 01.45.00 baseband, which is the baseband of firmware 2.0. Remember when I published my firmware 2.2 jailbreak tutorial? I warned you that this method would be good only if you didn’t care about a future soft unlock. Well, this future soft unlock is now coming and if you haven’t followed my warning, then you won’t be able to unlock.

This is pure speculation at this time as there is no real evidence of a post-Christmas unlock release. I asked MuscleNerd (key Dev Team member) about it but it didn’t comment whether it was true or not.

So, what do you think? Rumor or real info?