Rip Dev releases Hood 1.0. Strangely looks like SBSettings…

Rip Dev developed a new tool called Hood, an application that allows you to toggle AirPort, Bluetooth, and also kill active applications. Hood also allows you to monitor the memory usage of your iPhone in real time. Hood is available through Installer.

Of course, this application reminds us of BigBoss’ SBSettings but you might prefer the user interface.

If you’re considering installing this app, I highly recommend you read at the comments first, especially this one.

That is the second application released by Rip Dev over the weekend as they released Pusher on Saturday. It seems that the goal here is to have as many people as possible use Installer vs. Cydia. My point of view is that it’s too late for Installer. It was doing very good until firmware 2.0 came out. The team was not quick enough recoding Installer to make it work under 2.0 when Saurik released Cydia, which is now installed on 99.99% of jailbroken iPhones.

As usual, if you try this app, please share your experience with us in the comments 🙂