A look at Audio Notes

There are many folks and companies who thought of developing voice recorders for iPhone ages back. The evidence being a vast array of voice recorders available on iTunes App Store and we are glad that developers are providing us with some exceptional voice recording tools right on our iPhone.

Ever since I got my iPhone I have tried a bunch of audio recorders. Until recently the one which I loved the most was Newpea Audio Recorder mainly because of its ease of use and the ability to save files in mp3/mp4 format. By clicking on a button inside the application one can start recording and once the recording is done, the user can click on the file either to playback, rename or delete the file. Sounds pretty neat right, and you get this at a price of $9.99.

I was quite happy with the application but wished it had the option of recording right from the moment the application was launched and also the ability to write short notes for every recording so that I could better organize and find the right audio files at the right time without having to make much effort. Then again on second thoughts I felt I was just hoping against hopes and that developers wouldn’t care a damn about selected few like me demanding these features.

But Surprise! Surprise! On 31st October, a brilliant application called Audio Notes [iTunes Link] was released in the App Store. It not alone puts a check on two of the items on my wish-list (1. Immediate recording on launch; and 2. Short notes for the recorded audio) but also released a few other new and very useful features.

It brought out an option of prioritizing notes by assigning different colors to each of them. Moreover, an alert system is provided where you can set the date and time so that you are reminded about your notes when they matter the most. (The user is however alerted only after launching the app, wish there was a mechanism by which the application could act as an alarm and buzz the user to remind him to check the note).

Now the icing on the cake: Using this application you can directly export your recorded audio notes to the PC using WiFi via FTP in order to make a permanent backup of the same on your computer or upload them onto net. All in all, the application works like a charm and provides great value for money. At $2.99, its not at all expensive given the fact that it can bail you out of your work woes!