Recovering missing or hidden icons

BigBoss wrote a post tonight about 2 questions he’s often asked:

  1. How do I recover the Poof icon if I hid it?
  2. How do I recover my missing icons after restoring my iPhone?

Here are the solutions that BigBoss recommends

  1. If you have Cydia, install Quickgold and Poof to unhide the icons

  2. Install SBSettings and unhide any apps that are hidden

  3. Launch the Settings app and disable/reenable restrictions. Doing this should unhide all the hidden apps

  4. If Cydia is hidden, you can use Apt-get and install Quickgold from the SSH prompt

  5. Worst case scenario, if nothing works, you can use iPhoneBrowser and delete the files located at /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ and the reboot your phone

Full credit goes to BigBoss. This post was highly inspired from his recent post.