iPhone Tips and Tricks: Icons

I wanted to start a Tips and Tricks thread. I am compiling a bunch I have found on the net, and adding a few of my own, but please help us and add any ones that I didn’t list. If this works out, we can add it to our FAQ.

Create an icon for a frequently used web page.

Navigate to the site in Safari.  Click the + symbol to add a bookmark.   Select the Add to Home Screen button to save the bookmark in your current app panel.   Now use the normal methods to move it (press and hold until icons start to wiggle) to the desired spot.

Manually select the icon image for a bookmarked webpage

This one’s a little more confusing. In the previous tip, I explained how to create an Icon for a bookmark, but following those steps, the image in the icon, however, is a screenshot of the page you were on. So if you want the icon to look a specific way, zoom in on a particular item on the page. Whether you want the website’s logo, or some picture on the page, simply zoom in on that part of the page before you press “Add to Home Screen”.

Note: This doesn’t work with all websites. Popular sites like Google have special icons for the iPhone’s home screen.

Shortcut for Moving Icons Across Multiple Pages

Moving icons from one panel to another can be a pain because the feedback lets you only move one panel at a time. If you are moving icons across multiple panels, use this trick. Once in wiggle mode, momentarily drag one of the icons in the bottom tool bar to the screen.  Now replace it with the icon you want to move. Scroll to the target panel, and drag the icon out of the tool bar to its new location.

Use Folders instead of Multiple Icon Panels

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iTouch, install Categories.   This tool lets you define folders (and associate icons to them) where you can use to contain your icons.   Works pretty good.