That happened in the iPhone world today 9/20/08

These are some of the things that happened today in the iPhone world and even though we didn’t have time to blog about it, I thought that would be nice to share these news with you:

Using the iPhone’s GPS without a network connection

We know the iPhone 3G has “assisted” GPS that uses the phone’s Internet connection, but with some patience and preparation, you can still use Google Maps and the GPS to some degree without connectivity.

Study: iPhone users frustrated with news portals

Study proves iPhone users are frustrated, but not by slow speeds or crappy battery life.

Turning the iPhone Into a Digital Photography Tool

The iPhone 3G brought changes in shape, function, features, etc., but to the dismay of many cell phone photographers, the device retains the same 2.0 megapixel camera as the first iPhone. apple enhanced the camera via software improvements by coupling the camera to the GPS features of the iPhone 3G to enable photo geotagging, but this did little to calm the complaints about the camera’s resolution, lack of flash and other features available on a few other phones. However, users have developed exciting ways to use the camera, and there are several innovative third-party applications to help along the way.

Maildash provides message templates for iPhones

PureBlend Software has released a new app designed for people who need to send e-mail or SMS messages via an iPhone, but prefer to avoid typing. Maildash allows users to quickly reply to messages by selecting a message template and hitting the send button. Maildash includes a series of common replies, and allows the customization of these templates or new ones as desired.

Briefcase file transfer app available for iPhone

Hey Mac Software has released Briefcase, a file transfer application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Users can download any type of file or directory onto their device, without the need for cables or extra client software.

Mark/Space launches Fliq social app for iPhone, Touch

Mark/Space has launched Fliq, a social networking app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Users can send photos and contacts to one another in real-time, without using e-mail, SMS or instant messaging configurations. Content can also be shared with anyone on the same Wi-Fi network.

iPhone boosting mobile developers, advertisers

The iPhone appears to be providing a significant boost to related mobile industries, involved parties claim. Andrew Fisher — CEO of the company behind Shazam, an app which lets users identify songs through an iPhone’s microphone — notes that although his outfit is over four years old, prior to the iPhone 3G, people would only use earlier versions of Shazam three to five times per phone.

iPhone 3G shrinks profit margins of US carriers

Appleís iPhone is currently squeezing profit margins for US wireless carriers, with analysts expecting a drop in third quarter financial results in the coming weeks. Reuters reports that AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are all expected to unveil lower-than-expected results, thanks in part to a larger subsidy on the iPhone 3G, and users reducing the total cost of their services