It seems everyone wants a Piece of Apple’s Pie

With 10,000,000+ units sold, Apple has without a doubt one of the hottest products this year with the iPhone. That’s a lot of merchandise to push through small Apple and AT&T retail stores. That’s why this summer, Apple enlisted the help of Best Buy, a nation-wide retail electronics chain, to move the new iPhone 3g.

What you might not have known, was that self-proclaimed retail giant Radio Shack was also in discussions to be apart of this exclusive product distribution.But, after a few months it seems as if Radio Shack has fallen from the lime light and a new retail heavyweight has entered the picture.

According to Boy Genius, Walmart will begin selling the iPhone 3g starting November 15. (2 weeks before black Friday?) Obviously the more retailers you have selling your product, the more money you are going to make. But after reading through a few blogs it seems that some members of the iPhone community are offended by such a “sell out” move, and the 199$ price tag and Walmart availability may make the community a lot less exclusive.

Well as a member of that community, I say, GO Apple. They stand to gain a lot of ground in the mobile market by advertising in “The most visited daily store in America.” AT&T stands to make a killing as well, as each iPhone sold carries a 2 year contract agreement to their wireless service.

Hopefully this will open up doors for other retail chains vying for a piece of Apple’s pie. Hah, I guess with over 10,000,000 sold, it would seem there will be enough to go around.