Let me introduce you to 2 new bloggers

I recently posted about positions being opened for iPhone bloggers to join me at the iPhone Download Blog. I received many requests, most of them being completely unqualified. A lot of them just didn’t match what I was looking for.

After giving a few tries to some of the people who had applied, I realized this co-blogger thing was being more a pain in the butt than anything else… I gave “contributor rights” to a few kids and the only thing they would do was copy/pasting posts from TUAW or Engadget.

Then there is the blogger who says he’s going to write a post every day and you never hear back from him after 3-4 days. A total waste of time and energy.

That was until Alicia got in touch with me. She sent me a nice email, explaining why she wanted to write and sent me some of her qualifications and she also directed me to her iPhone blog. I really liked her writing right away and after spending a while on the phone with her, I knew she was the right person for the job.

Alicia is now an author here. You may have already see her introduction post and you also may have read a few of her posts. You can tell she’s a much better writer than I am – hey, English is my second language, so don’t be to hard on me 😉

The same day, Cody sent me a witty email (I like wit!) that raised my attention. I gave him a call and he was very pleasant and seemed very knowledgeable about the iPhone so I asked him to send me a few posts, telling him that I would publish them under his name and that if everything goes well, I will grant him access to the blog.

He did a great job at sending me very interesting posts that you may read here, and today I sent him his login info. He’s now officially part of the small team, along with Alicia, and myself Sebastien.

I’m still looking for one or two persons to write about new iPhone apps (reviews, etc…) and general iPhone news (pretty much report what’s going on in the iPhone world).

If you think you would be a good match, please read this and make sure you meet all the “requirements”.

Thank you and welcome to Alicia and Cody.