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With iOS 15.0.1 having been available for a while, Apple stops signing iOS 15.0

Downgrade iOS 15

Apple released iOS & iPadOS 15.0.1 on October 1st, marking the first update to the company’s new mobile operating systems with bug fixes. Notably, this update resolved a problem with Unlock with Apple Watch not working correctly with the brand-new iPhone 13 lineup – an exceptionally valuable feature amid a raging pandemic in which mask-wearing has become a common sight.

Now that some time has passed since Apple released iOS & iPadOS 15.0.1, it’s no surprise to see that Apple is closing the signing window for the original iOS & iPadOS 15.0 firmware that launched to the general public just two weeks prior.

Visible now supports cellular Apple Watches for just $5 per month

Around three months ago, I shared my user experience with Visible as a second carrier for my iPhone. Visible, which operates on the Verizon Wireless network, offers outstanding network coverage for as little as $25 per month with unlimited 4G LTE & 5G data, talk, and text, and with unlimited tethering included!

Just this past week, however, Visible did something I never saw coming. They added support for cellular-capable Apple Watches. And much like Visible’s hyper-affordable cellular plan, enjoying cellular connectivity with Visible is just as affordable.

Apple releases iOS & iPadOS 14.7.1 to fix Apple Watch Touch ID bug & improve device security

Apple on Monday released software updates for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, taking the form of iOS 14.7.1 and iPadOS 14.7.1 respectively. The updates were joined in good company by the newly released macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 for Apple's Mac computer lineup.

These updates have some noteworthy changes on all the devices they support, however perhaps more-so on the iPhone than on the iPad, as we’re about to discuss.

Radio proximity security attack targeting up to iOS 13.5 detailed by Ian Beer

Accomplished security researcher Ian Beer, known for releasing a host of iOS exploits used by modern jailbreak tools, dropped a bombshell on Twitter late Wednesday evening after sharing a detailed blog post about a jaw-dropping radio proximity exploit affecting up to and including iOS and iPadOS 13.5.

The blog post summary goes on to explain that the hacker can remotely trigger kernel memory corruption through the execution of arbitrary code. Furthermore, it can force affected iOS and iPadOS devices in radio proximity to reboot with no user interaction needed or put privacy at risk by breaching user data or utilizing cameras and microphones without the user’s knowledge.  Scary indeed…

Comparison: iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple on Tuesday announced its brand-new iPhone lineup for 2020, which included the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max in addition to the smaller and less-expensive iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 options. For now, we’ll focus on the flagship models.

In this piece, we’ll help those who already own last year’s iPhone 11 Pro decide whether or not they should upgrade to this year’s iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max by comparing each handset’s technical specifications to the other.

Security researcher Brandon Azad leaves Project Zero to join Apple

The jailbreak community lost a valuable asset on Friday as renowned hacker and security researcher Brandon Azad, known for his involvement with Project Zero and for his work in discovering tfp0 exploits for iOS and iPadOS alike, was hired by Apple.

Azad made the shocking announcement Monday afternoon via Twitter, noting that the bittersweet transition to Apple’s side of the security research fence would begin as soon as next week:

More rumors point to 2020 iPhones with ProMotion-style displays

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The latest supply line rumors posted by DigiTimes affirm that some of next year's iPhones will sport displays with refresh rates half again or up to twice as fast as today's models, according to AppleInsider. Whether that means new iPhones will get ProMotion displays or something akin to them remains to be seen.

Rumors of faster iPhone screens first bubbled up over the summer. So this isn't the first time we're hearing about this. It's also important to note that iPhone X models and later already sample input from the display at up to 120 frames per second, but the display frequency refresh of those models has remained at 60Hz.

ProMotion has been a feature of the iPad Pro since 2017. When Apple introduced it it said the technology provided greater responsiveness with reduced latency to provide more fluid and natural drawing capabilities when paired with the Apple Pencil.

To help reduce the battery drain found on other devices with high refresh rates like the Pixel 4, Apple's ProMotion technology can increase the refresh rate on the parts of the screen to only where it's needed.

While ProMotion has been remarkable for its impact on Apple Pencil users, the Pencil isn't supported on iPhones. Yet higher refresh rate displays have other practical benefits, especially for users of games, AR, and other applications that may benefit from greater on-screen responsiveness.

Is the display refresh of your iPhone left you wanting something more akin to a Razer gaming phone? Or is this a nothingburger? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Apple warns iPhone 5 users: Update to 10.3.4 ASAP

iOS 10

If you are an iPhone 5 user and you haven't yet updated your phone to iOS 10.3.4, time is running out. Apple says you need to do so before midnight on November 3, 2019, at least if you want your iPhone 5 to keep working with the App Store, iCloud, e-mail and web browsing.

Apple explained the issue in a support document:

This is due to the GPS time rollover issue that began affecting GPS-enabled products from other manufacturers on April 6, 2019. Affected Apple devices are not impacted until just before 12:00 a.m. UTC on November 3, 2019.

The GPS bug fix was first pushed out by Apple in July, and has been available as an Over the Air (OTA) update since then. iPhone 5 users who haven't already updated to the new release are now being presented with a full-screen push warning to update, according to 9to5Mac.

The GPS issue also affects iPhone 4S, iPad 2, third-generation iPad (iPad with Retina Display), and fourth gen iPad, but those non-updated devices will simply stop working with GPS-related apps and services at the deadline. iPhone 5 users will suffer more significant issues.

If your iPhone 5 isn't updated before the deadline, you'll have to use a Mac or PC equipped with iTunes in order to download and install the 10.3.4 update to continue working.

Are you still using an iPhone 5? Have you upgraded to 10.3.4 or are you holding off? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Apple stops signing iOS 13.1, hindering firmware downgrades

Apple on Monday stopped signing iOS 13.1, a move on the Cupertino-based company’s part that prevents most iPhone and iPad users from downgrading from any newer version of the mobile operating system.

It’s worth noting that Apple stopped signing iOS 13.0 just last week along with iOS 13.1.1. For whatever reason, Apple continued to sign iOS 13.1 alongside iOS 13.1.2, with the latter being the latest release at the time of this writing.

iPhone XS smacks iPhone 11 Pro in app launching speed test

Apple’s annual iPhone unveiling typically includes the introduction of an all-new SoC with modest speed improvements, with this year’s focus being the A13 Bionic chip. At the Keynote, Apple’s vice president of silicon manufacturing Sri Santhanam said that all mechanisms of the A13 Bionic chip would be nearly 20% faster than its predecessor; but is this the case?

Now that the iPhone 11 Pro is readily available to those who pre-ordered or tried their luck at local retail stores, it should come as no surprise that these numbers are being put to the test. In one example, YouTube personality EverthingApplePro compared the app launching performance of the iPhone 11 Pro to the previous-generation iPhone XS with astonishing results:

What is the oldest iPhone you should buy?

The new iPhone is just around the corner. With even a Pro version supposedly coming this year, it's clear that the iPhone will be one of the best smartphones of 2019. It's also clear that's going to be one of the most expensive ones as well. And not all of us can afford it. Certainly, I can't. Not if I want to buy other things like food.

Maybe you're like me, and you don't want to spend that much money on the latest model. Instead, you're looking for an older, cheaper model. However, this brings up the question: What's the oldest iPhone you should buy? If you're asking yourself the same question, then you came to the right place. We'll take a look at older iPhone models to determine which is the best based on their price and iOS support.