Tap To Unlock slider replacement

I really like the User Interface of the iPhone. It is very simple, intuitive, in other words, it is very user friendly. When I first got my iPhone over a year ago, simple things about the UI were amazing me. One of them was the “slide to unlock” feature. How cool is that that you can access the springboard by the slide of a finger!

Quickly, this “slide to unlock” thing started to annoy me for one single reason: it didn’t work all the time. Well, it actually works all the time but sometimes my finger doesn’t starts sliding where it should, forcing me to repeat the gesture to get it to work.

I had a good surprise a couple days ago while browsing the apps available in Cydia. I cam across this “Tap To Unlock” application that works with Winterboard. I Installed it and it works great. Now instead of sliding my finger across the screen, I can access the springboard by just taping it.