Want to write for iPhone Download Blog? I’m hiring!

As some of you may already know, I am searching for high quality writers to help me around at iPhone Download Blog. Duties will obviously include blogging about the iPhone, reviewing apps, posting news, talking about iPhone events, and giving tips on how to get the most off the iPhone. If you know about the iPhone and can spend a few minutes everyday writing good posts about your favorite device, you’re the man/girl I am looking for!


Qualifications to join me:

  • You have to be very knowledgeable about the iPhone – you must know your way around the phone like no one else. You should be able to jailbreak and/or unlock your iPhone and talk about it.
  • You must wish you were an iPhone – no, this is a bad joke.
  • You must know about WordPress – if you don’t, go to wordpress.com and sign up for a free account and play around for a bit. You’ll see it’s super easy to use.
  • You must be willing to work for free – yes, you heard me! I am not making money from this blog (except for the $10/month I make from Google Ads = pathetic!). You will most likely write a few posts everyday and you will gain recognition from that, but that’s it. If companies offer you products to review, you may keep the product.
  • You must be original! I am not looking for reporters; I am looking for bloggers = people who can talk shit about Apple if they feel like it. I want someone who will write with his/her guts, not just copy/paste a post from another iPhone-related blog.
  • You must provide me a couple example of your iPhone writing skills.

The iPhone Download Blog is growing fast! I get about 2,500 8,000 visits per day. It’s still not quite the traffic TechCrunch gets, but we’re getting there 😉 Seriously, we get more and more traffic everyday and we need to satisfy our readers.

I am an equal opportunity blogger; so whether you’re rich, poor, black, red, green, if you have a penis AND a vagina (I think that’s weird but whatever, that’s cool with me), if you hate Steve Jobs as much as I do, if you vote McCain or Obama, or if you’re none of the above and still want to write about the iPhone, hit me up.



UPDATE: Alicia and Cody joined me. It’s now 3 of us to blog here about the iPhone. The more the merrier… Come join us!