Another app gets rejected from the App Store

Apple did it again. Once again they rejected a usefull application from the App Store because it “duplicates the functionality of the built-in iPhone application Mail without providing sufficient differentiation or added functionality, which will lead to user confusion”.

Last week, it was Podcaster that was rejected and now it is MailWrangler, a Gmail account email manager, that is not approved by Apple’s shady acceptance process…

The developer of MailWrangler wrote a post on his blog about this and he cynically jokes that he should have created a flashlight application as Apple doesn’t seem to have any problem with those types of apps (see the 20 different flashlight apps in the App Store).

Jailbreaking your iPhone has become more and more relevant since the App Store opened. Yes you can download thousands of applications from the App Store. No you can’t have the most useful application from the App Store. I really hate how Apple does business.