Hackers distribute Trojan as iPhone game

Beware of this Penguin.Panic.zip attachment!

A new spam email aimed at Windows users who have an iPhone has surfaced. The virus, which pretends to contain the most popular iPhone game in a attachment, actually contains a Trojan Horse Troj/Agent-HNY. Although it looks like a pretty cute and funny game, it could really arm your PC.

The attachment doesn’t even execute on a Mac but it will infect your PC right away.Instead of opening the game as you would expect, a simple message pops up saying “Shoes”. Once opened, deleting the game will not help at all as it will delete other files on the system, which will cause some of your Windows process to crash.

Do not open emails that show the following subject lines:

  • Virtual iPhone games!
  • Take a break!
  • Apple: The most popular game!
  • Virtual iPhone toys!
  • Beet my score! (7000 points)

Possibly more are coming so be careful. If you see an email from someone you don’t know, delete it right away. I sounds like common sense but it seems people are still being tricked by these emailed viruses.

Source: Sophos