iPhone News Roundup for 9/16/08

What happened today in the iPhone world? Save yourself some time and read this! These are the highlights of the iPhone news for today.

From the iPhone Download Blog:

From other sources:

Apple finding it difficult to crack Japanese cell phone market

Apple’s iPhone, a runaway success in the US and parts of Europe, is struggling to see similar success in Japan, where consumers who’ve long been privy to some of the world’s most advance cell phones are passing over the touchscreen handset for cheaper and more familiar offerings.
[via Apple Insider]

DevTeam working on a Jailbreak for the iPod Touch 2.1

“U Can’t Touch This” were the words of the great MC Hammer in 1990, but we just couldn’t wait to “touch it” as soon as the new slinky wafer-thin iPod was unveiled by Father Jobs a week ago. We are especially eager to experiment with this device because the n72ap in the new iPod Touch 2G may give us insight into upcoming iPhones. So a few hours ago the large truck backed into the DevTeam warehouse where the crate of iPod touché devices were dropped off and we started the very earliest stages of investigation (which means fun!) 😉 We won’t have more to say unless there’s more to say. Hammertime!
[via DevTeam Blog]

AT&T Looking for New Ways to Meld iPhone with U-Verse

U.S. phone company AT&T Inc plans to eventually link Apple Inc’s iPhone to its high-speed Internet and video service called U-verse, and introduce new features like using the phone as a remote control.
[via Reuters]

Newber adds second line to iPhone

FreedomVOICE has launched a beta program for Newber, a combination iPhone app and cellular service. The software allows users to have an additional number on their iPhone, enabling users to have a “business” line without revealing their personal iPhone.
[via MacNN]

T-Mobile sets stage for Android, iPhone showdown next week

An invitation sent out on Tuesday by T-Mobile asks the media to gather next week to see the first phone built on the Android mobile platform, but will also pit Apple and Google against each other — if reluctantly.
[via Apple Insider]