How to jailbreak your iPhone 3G 2.1 firmware

Wow, again, it didn’t take long for BigBoss to come up with a not-so-easy way to jailbreak your iPhone 3G.

  1. Download the 2.1 firmware for iPhone 3G from the iPhone Downloads section and save it to your desktop
  2. Install iTunes 8
  3. Update your iPhone to firmware 2.1 with iTunes and make sure it is activated
  4. Uninstall iTunes 8
  5. Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support (From Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel)
  6. Install itunes v7.7. – you can find it here
  7. Download QuickPwn with the correct 2.1 bundle inside it here
  8. Run QuickPwn. Select the iPhone 3G 2.1 firmware that you downloaded in Step 1
  9. Select at least Cydia. You may also select Installer
  10. Once finished, your iPhone will reboot, which may take a few minutes. Cydia and Installer will not be visible on your springboard. Don’t panik! This is ok.
  11. Download TotalCommander and t-pot addon
  12. Install TotalCommander and in the left pane navigate to and click on it. It will install t-pot automatically
  13. Download the mobileinstallation patch
  14. Use Totalcommander to install the patched mobileinstallation file to /System/Library/PrivateFrameWorks/MobileInstallation.framework. Click on the dropdown box [-\-] top left and select network neighborhood then t-pot. Remember to back up your original mobileinstallation first!
  15. Still in TotalCommander delete /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/
  16. Reboot your iPhone
  17. Done!

This is not the most straightforward method to jailbreak your iPhone 3G but it is the only one so far! As usual, use it at your own risks…

Thank BigBoss