Hellraid: The Escape review – a room escape game with a fantasy fiction edge

By Lory Gil on Jul 28, 2014

When it comes to puzzle games, I think of titles like The Room. When I think of room escape games, I think of titles like Stormglass Protocol. When I think of fantasy fiction, I think of games like Warhammer Quest. What I don’t do is think of them as all in the same category.

Hellraid: The Escape is a mix between puzzle games, room escape, and fantasy adventure. Players must figure out how to destroy enemies by using smarts instead of swords. We’ve got a game review of Hellraid: The Escape for you below… Read More


Truefilm is a comprehensive photo editing app with unique features

By Andrew Kunesh on Jul 26, 2014

Though there is a ton of camera apps on the App Store, one recent addition caught my eye: Truefilm. This app is a spin on your normal photo editing app with filters, basic controls, and frames, however, the app offers a couple features I’ve never seen implemented in a mobile photo editing app, such as version tracking. Read my full Truefilm review to see if it’s worth your $0.99. Read More


Matter will turn your photos into geometric artwork

By Lory Gil on Jul 24, 2014

The makers of Tangent and Fragment are back with their newest geometric overlay app. If you have a soft spot for prismatic photo effects that integrate right in with the subject matter, Pixite’s latest submission to the genre is right up your alley.

Matters is a geometric overlay photo effects app that lets you create stunning pieces of photographic art that can be turned into moving pictures. We’ve got a hands-on app review of Matter for you here… Read More


Early reviews dump cold water on Amazon Fire Phone

By Cody Lee on Jul 22, 2014

At a media event on June 18, Amazon entered the smartphone fray with the Fire Phone. Sure the company is 7 years late to a market that is largely dominated by a handful of heavyweights, but it hoped the device’s unique features would set it apart.

Tonight, the embargo lifted on early reviews of the handset, and they aren’t pretty. The consensus is that the aforementioned features—tilt scrolling, etc.—are gimmicky at best, and the phone itself is a pain to use. Read on for other initial reactions… Read More


No Brakes: it’s like driving therapy for your mind

By Jake Underwood on Jul 19, 2014

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a game that sports a cute hero. Whether it’s a small animal or an abstract shape with a cute face, I can’t seem to resist helping the little guy to victory. So when I stumbled by the app icon of the game No Brakes (and heard Sebastien mention the game on the last episode of Let’s Talk iOS), I knew I just had to give the game a chance. Read on for my full review… Read More


RideScout will get you around your city fast

By Andrew Kunesh on Jul 18, 2014

From bike share to rail to ride sharing, if you live in a big city, chances are there is a ton of transportation options to choose from. And with so many options come different pricing, routes, and timing, so it can be tough to pick what works best in each situation. That’s where RideScout comes in.

RideScout is a relatively new app that takes multiple forms of transportation into account when searching for directions. The app compares cycling, driving, taxis, ride share, and public transportation to give you the best options in regards to timelines, cost, and health. Read my full Ridescout review to learn more. Read More


Novation Launchpad is a simple but powerful music maker

By Jake Underwood on Jul 18, 2014

Let’s cut to the chase: creating music on an iPhone or iPad isn’t as easy as it should be. The gold standard, GarageBand, almost requires some knowledge of an instrument, which drastically whittles down the amount of users that can create on the platform. However, the complexity of the music-making process isn’t specifically limited to GarageBand, as it is something music-creating apps have struggled with throughout the history of the App Store. Wouldn’t it be nice to just press buttons and watch a creation form in front of your very eyes?

Novation Launchpad sure would seem to think so. The app, created by developers Novation, is as simple as it can get, but the results don’t suffer from the ease-of-use. Read on for a full Novation Launchpad review… Read More


Alphabeats review: make music with words

By Lory Gil on Jul 16, 2014

I like games that are music themed. When bands put out weird, trippy apps starring their tunes, I get a kick out of what they dream up. I don’t particularly like rhythm games, though. They never seem to hit the beat right, and I can’t shake my pre-existing knowledge of real-life music experiences. I’m always thinking, “That’s not how that solo is played.”

Alphabeats is a music themed game that uses electronica tunes to set the atmosphere, but doesn’t ask you to tap to the beat in order to win. We’ve got a hands-on game review of Alphabeats for you today… Read More


Macrocosm is a beautifully relaxing game

By Andrew Kunesh on Jul 16, 2014

Though I do play my fair share of action games on iOS, I tend to sway more towards the relaxing side of the game spectrum; games that I can use to relax at the end of a long week. When on the hunt for more cool-down games, I came across Macrocosm, a new space-age game that was released earlier this month.

This game is based in space where you play as a blob of dark matter with your objectives being simple: get bigger, don’t get killed by spaceships, and free other dark matter. To find out if this game is both relaxing and exciting, read on for my full Macrocosm reviewRead More


120 Sports is a highlight reel in your pocket

By Jake Underwood on Jul 14, 2014

When away from home, it’s sometimes challenging to catch up on sports news. Sure, there are apps that provide basic scores and statistics for games and matches, but it’s a rarity to find an app that shows highlights and other forms of media. Whether it’s the decision on LeBron’s future or the Argentina vs Netherlands penalty kicks, video sports commentary is harder to find.

Enter 120 Sports, an app developed by the Sports Illustrated network, popular for the magazine of the same name. The app is essentially a collection of video coverage of the latest sports trends, but with a few added twists. I used the app for a while and here’s what I found… Read More


Munin review: a mythical platformer with a twist

By Andrew Kunesh on Jul 12, 2014

Platform games, often dubbed platformers, have always had a special place in my heart, so when I heard about Munin in our last App Recap, I downloaded it immediately and have been addicted ever since.

Munin is a 2D platform game for iPad based on Norse mythology in which a raven named Munin has been transformed into a human. In order to become a raven again, Munin must collect all of her feathers from various places in the beautifully dark world of Yggdrasil. If this seems like a storyline that would interest you, read on for my full Munin reviewRead More


Afterlight is an iPhoneographer’s dream app

By Andrew Kunesh on Jul 11, 2014

After moving to the city from the suburbs, I’ve become a total sucker for photography apps. It seems like every time I unlock my bike at a coffee shop, there’s a new photo opportunity awaiting my iPhone’s tiny sensor — an opportunity that would look even better with a filter applied to it.

Because of this recent obsession, I’ve been on the hunt for the best photo apps that offer the great core editing, classy filters, and clean camera interface. My most recent find is Afterlight, a relatively new player in the photo editing game that offers a huge library of filters and a ton of interesting editing features I’ve yet to see in other photo apps.

However, does this feature-packed photo editing app live up to the uses of a wannabe urban photographer? Read on for a full Afterlight reviewRead More


Capo touch review: learn to shred like the pros to your favorite tunes

By Lory Gil on Jul 10, 2014

Anyone who has tried to learn how to play their favorite Megadeth song on the guitar  knows how hard it is to hear every note of Dave Mustaine’s shredding solos. Even without the annoyances of rewinding and fast forwarding on tape, it will still make you want to pull out your well-maintained metal length hair.

Capo touch makes it possible for even the newest shredders to be able to get their licks down from their favorite songs. Slow down the music without changing the pitch, find out what chord is playing without having to look up tablatures, and make your cover band sound like the original. We’ve got a hands-on app review of Capo touch for you here… Read More


Fates Forever is a fun and familiar MOBA

By Jake Underwood on Jul 9, 2014

A few years ago, I was introduced to a massively popular MOBA (or multiplayer online battle arena) game called League of Legends. After spending only a few hours with the free game, I was immediately hooked on the gameplay, graphics, and community, all of which are what makes LoL the e-sport it is. However, as I began to transition between computers and activities, I lost the time to really keep the game in my life. “If only I could carry around the gameplay of League without having to be at my computer!” I said as I hung my head.

Fast forward to this past week when I found the free-to-play, iPad-only game Fates Forever. Upon reading the Editor’s Choice description, in which it mentioned LoL, I decided to download the game and give it a good play through… Read More


The Magnus Mini iPad stand is a minimalist obsession

By Jim Gresham on Jul 4, 2014

Ten One Design is mostly known for the Pogo Stylus, which comes in multiple designs. Bumping into the team at CES, I was able to get a glance at the Magnus Mini, their new iPad mini stand. It is one of the most simplistically designed iPad stands I have ever used. With just a small base and a minimal lip, iPad is held at a perfect angle to remain standing with as little effort as possible.

In comparison to other much more complicated docks or stands, the Magnus Mini is a welcomed change to the otherwise overly dramatic iPad dock arena… Read More


Oscura Second Shadow review: retro platform gaming comes out of the shadows

By Lory Gil on Jul 3, 2014

One of my favorite category of games is the traditional platformer. It reminds me of running home after school to start up my Nintendo for hours of Super Mario Bros. game sessions. Things have gotten more complex over the years, but a simple, effective platform game can still keep me posted in my chair for hours.

Oscura Second Shadow is one of those traditional platformers that make gaming on mobile devices a treat. By combining old-school mechanics with modern touch screen controls, this game is a solid investment. We’ve got a hands-on game review of Oscura for your reading pleasure… Read More


Tinker app will make sure you stay productive

By Lory Gil on Jul 3, 2014

I’m the kind of person who needs constant self-supervision. I don’t work in an office and I am surrounded by my playthings. I regularly need to remind myself to get back to work because there is no one looking over my shoulder telling me to do so.

Tinker – Tweak Your Productivity is a goal minded productivity app that makes it possible for you to be on task, every minute of the day. Instead of creating long lists of things to do and trying to prioritize them, this app has you create duration-based goals that help you stay on track until your time is up. Read on for our app review of Tinker… Read More


Booq offers creative hardshell laptop sleeve and roomy backpack

By Jim Gresham on Jul 2, 2014

There are a few product categories with which I am obsessed – mugs, jackets, and backpacks. Thankfully, my position at iDB allows me to feed one of those addictions on a fairly regular basis. A good backpack is your best friend. While traveling, on the road, or sometimes heading into the office, your backpack is with you on a daily basis.

Proper weigh distribution, materials, zipper quality, and pockets are key features for a good bag. What accessories you choose to use with the bag is also important. Today, we take a closer look at the Booq Boa shift backpack and Booq Viper hardcase 13. The combination is a one-two punch for protecting the items most valuable to you, a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad… Read More


Kenu Airframe is the perfect dashboard companion for your iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Jul 1, 2014

Keeping iPhone within arm’s reach while driving is not only convenient, but also a matter of life and death. Every day, people wreck their vehicles fumbling around for their smartphone while driving. There are many mounts on the market, offering easy access to a smart device. However, I would argue Kenu’s Airframe is chart topping.

When designing a car mount, there are a few factors that must be considered: where is it going; how will it attach; what will it hold; is it portable. While portability is not the most important, the Airframe will easily detach and run with you to the next step. Airframe is a great solution in a small package… Read More


Seagate’s Backup Plus line offers various storage options in small package

By Jim Gresham on Jun 27, 2014

Seagate is the world’s largest provider of external hard drives by volume. Personally, I have around five or more scattered around my home, office and desk–too many to attempt to round up for an accurate count. They make great LAN, portable, wireless, and desktop class storage. Of course Seagate makes internal drives as well, but my experience with them is less versed. As I have witnessed, assumedly along with others familiar with the product line, Seagate is now producing a more creative approach to an otherwise simple storage device.

External storage, as a whole, used to be a simple drag-and-drop venture. Arguably, it was a simpler time. I really appreciate the ability to just plug in a drive and drop stuff to it. However, with the advent of social media, home networking, and some creative thinking, external storage is now something much different. Considering the Seagate Backup Plus line of products, which I first discovered at CES 2014, social sharing and saving are now integrated with the drives… Read More

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