The Incipio Focal case will turn your iPhone into a point-and-shoot camera

By Jim Gresham on Aug 27, 2014

Despite smart devices replacing point-and-shoot cameras in the mainstream, there still seems to be many people confused by the transition to an app-based camera. Every time I am out and ask someone to take a picture of my wife and me, it seems to be a shot in the dark, so to speak. People always fumble around with the screen, trying to zoom, or change the flash, or even take the picture.

I run into people that push the software button to take the picture instead of using the volume button. Either way, there always seems to still be an unfamiliarity with the way an iPhone takes pictures. Unless you were born in 2007 when the iPhone launched, there is a transition from point-and-shoot cameras to the iPhone, and it continues to be a struggle for some.

In that light, Incipio developed an app and hardware combination bringing point-and-shoot characteristics to iPhone. Focal is a camera case providing easy snap picture taking. Dedicated shutter and zoom buttons prevent screen pecking while trying to setup the perfect shot. Read More


Bik – A Space Adventure is a fun point-and-click game for iOS

By Lory Gil on Aug 27, 2014

Director Steven Spielberg made such magical sci-fi movies as “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “E.T. The Extraterrestrial,” and “War of the Worlds.” Thanks to films like these, I am always looking to the stars, wondering whether there really is something out there.

Bik – A Space Adventure has the perfect plot for a Spielberg movie. Boy goes camping. Boy gets abducted by aliens. Boy saves the world. Help Bik survive with the aid of his new alien buddy Ammut. Read More


Belkin WeMo Insight Switch review: control home appliances and electronics from your iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Aug 26, 2014

Growing up as a child, anytime my family would venture out of town for more than a couple days, my father would run around the house trying to locate “the timers.” The timers, with which anyone is familiar, were the timer switches for the lamps in the house. They were old brown boxes with a beige turn wheel and a little switch, think I/O, for each of 24 hours. After manually selecting each switch to either turn on or off the receptacle, off you go for vacation. Now your lights magically turn on while you are away.

Even in the late ’80′s, I remember those timers looking dated, even acting dated. But, they worked and continue to be the same technology most people use today. Thankfully, Belkin is putting a stop to this archaic fumbling system with a modern appeal. The WeMo line of home automated devices gives you the power, literally, in a carefully crafted app and hardware unit. Read More


The Big Turtle Shell and its 2.0 sidekick are Bluetooth speakers that can handle the elements

By Jim Gresham on Aug 24, 2014

I’m partial to having a speaker in almost every room of the house. There is no particular reason why and, after thinking about it, I am not really that into music. However it is nice to always have some jams going in the background. Thanks to Outdoor Tech, I can have music going in one room, but still hear it in the next. Or, if I am rocking out in the neighborhood pool, I am loud enough to get in trouble.

After meeting with Outdoor Tech at CES, I was really excited about both the Big Turtle Shell and the Turtle Shell 2.0. If you can recall, I reviewed the Turtle Shell gen. 1, and was pretty impressed. In fact, the Turtle Shell has not left my kitchen, except for a couple of roadie tours, for a complete year. I have access to a lot of gear, so it is definitely a credit to the product for any one to make it a full year.

I must admit, the Turtle Shell has been de-throned, in favor of the 2.0 version and the big brother, Big Turtle Shell. Read More


This puzzle game is incredibly simple, but deceptively hard

By Lory Gil on Aug 21, 2014

I wonder if there is any study, which shows that playing logic puzzle games improves your brain function. If that were the case, then I would be a genius by now.

Squares: Puzzle Game is one of those titles that make you feel a little bit smarter than you were before you started playing. All you have to do is move some squares around, but the complexity is in its simplicity. We’ve got a game review of Squares: Puzzle Game for you today… Read More


This app tells you what apps are battery hogs

By Lory Gil on Aug 19, 2014

Some days, my iPhone 5 works all day with very little battery drain. Other days, it seems like I’ve run out of juice after minimal usage. I’ve always wondered which activities are the biggest culprits in my battery drainage.

Normal: Battery Analytics is a diagnostics app that uses general information about your device and compares it with that of thousands of other iPhone users to help you determine which apps should be killed and which should be deleted altogether in order to spare your battery life. Read More


Is Clima a worthy stock Weather app replacement?

By Andrew Kunesh on Aug 15, 2014

Though Apple’s build-in Weather application has been upgraded over the years, the application still lacks notifications and an interesting interface. When looking for a replacement for the stock app, I came across Clima, a new design-focused weather app for iPhone. Read my full Clima review to see if it’s a worthy Weather app replacement. Read More


Assault Vector review: turn-based strategy set in outer space

By Lory Gil on Aug 14, 2014

I am a sucker for a turn-based strategy game. They can be great time wasters. I love planning my move, setting up my men, and hitting hard with a great attack.

Assault Vector is a turn-based strategy game where players must be ready for attack from all angles. Plan your attack before your enemy gets you cornered. We took it for a spin and have a full review of Assault Vector for you below… Read More


Coloring for Grown-Ups will turn your sad life into a child’s activity

By Lory Gil on Aug 13, 2014

Coloring for Grown-ups is a clever website dedicated to colorable pages of real-life adventures for the over-twenty-somethings out there. The site has been around for a few years and the co-founding duo, Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen, have managed to produce three physical coloring books filled with adult-minded illustrations for the kid in you.

The Coloring for Grown-Ups app recently found its way into the App Store. It is filled with dozens of pages of illustrations dating all the way back to the first web publications. We did some coloring ourselves, and have a hands-on review of Coloring for Grown-Ups for you now… Read More


Space Colors review: things get colorful when you are deep in space

By Lory Gil on Aug 12, 2014

Space-based shoot-em-up games are a dime-a-dozen and as fun as can be. I love heading out in my virtual ship and pew, pew-ing everything that moves. No mining, no building relationships with other worlds. Just shootin’ and flyin’ for me.

Space Colors is a shoot-em-up style space game where players must follow mini missions in order to earn points and collect credits. Fly through space in a colorful adventure across the galaxy. Check out our game review of Space Colors below… Read More


Timeful is a personal assistant dressed up as a calendar

By Jake Underwood on Aug 9, 2014

In the midst of our hectic lives, most of us still manage to find time to use our cell phones. We may sneak in a quick glance at the news or play a little game here and there, but for many of us, our cell phones provide more entertainment than productivity.

Timeful is a calendar app that attempts to make managing a schedule and creating new to-dos and habits effortless. How does it perform at this daunting task? Read on for a full review… Read More


Blood Bowl review: ‘Fantasy Football’ takes on a whole new meaning

By Lory Gil on Aug 6, 2014

The Warhammer series dates back to the mid 1980s when the role-playing adventure game and the tabletop miniatures game won the hearts of fantasy fiction fans. The football-inspired board game based in the Warhammer Fantasy setting made its debut in 1987 and became a PC video game by the mid-1990s.

Blood Bowl for the iPad is the mobile adaptation of the original PC game. You can play as either Humans or Orcs as you compete in this season’s tournament for supremacy. Just watch out for the opposing team. Killing your opponent works better than stealing the ball does. We’ve got a game review of Blood Bowl for you today… Read More


PackPoint takes the stress out of packing for a trip

By Andrew Kunesh on Aug 5, 2014

Though traveling is one of my favorite things to do, packing for travels can be pretty stressful, especially when traveling abroad. Attempting to factor what I’ll need for the weather can be tough, and remembering mundane things like a passport and house key for my return can be disastrous if forgotten. However, PackPoint, a new travel app, aims to reduce this stress by creating smart packing lists for both business and holiday travel. To find out if PackPoint will help you on your next adventure, read my full PackPoint review below…

Read More


PHHHOTO lets you take moving pictures you can share with all your friends

By Lory Gil on Aug 4, 2014

By now, most people have an Instagram or Vine account. Even if you don’t, you probably use Facebook or Twitter to share pictures with friends and family. Frankly, I’m getting bored with all of these sedentary images. I want my pictures to move.

PHHHOTO might be called the next-generation of photography-based social networking. Instead of plain, non-moving snapshots of your trip to the fair, you can create one-second animated GIFs to share with the world. We took the app for a test spin and have a review of PHHHOTO for you today… Read More


The perfect portable car mount gets bigger

By Sébastien Page on Aug 1, 2014

In our recent Kenu Airframe review, we unanimously called the portable car mount the perfect dashboard companion for your iPhone. Small, convenient, practical, and fairly inexpensive, this lightweight accessory makes mounting your phone on a car dashboard a quick and easy thing, as it will secure virtually any device with a screen size of up to 5 inches.

But what happens if you have a bigger device?

With rumors of a larger 5.5″ screen iPhone 6 looming above us, and with the proliferation of larger smartphones all around, the folks at Kenu have decided to address the demand, and recently released the Airframe+, a device exactly similar in form and function to its smaller version, but with more size to accommodate bigger screens. Read More

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