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What is iDownloadBlog?

iDownloadBlog (iDB) was founded in May 2008 as a weblog focused on delivering jailbreak information, Apple news, reviews, editorials as well as guides and tutorials about the iPhone, iPad, and everything iOS. While the main focus is Apple, iDB sometimes covers major industry-related events and companies that play in the same space as Apple’s, including, Google, Microsoft, etc… The site is updated multiple times daily by several editors and writers working from around the world.

We pride ourselves in not only delivering the news, but also analyzing it and debating it. iDownloadBlog also gives its readers helpful tips and tutorials about everything iOS. We don’t just write about current events, we keep readers informed about what’s important.

iDB comes with a large community of readers who often share their views and opinions in our comments. Discussion is always encouraged and people seeking help or advice usually find what they need among our great community.

This blog is an initiative of Sebastien Page, an iPhone enthusiast who is passionate about technological innovation coming from Apple and other phone makers.

iDownloadBlog respects and is committed to protecting its users privacy. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

The iDB Team

Sebastien Page

Sebastien is the Founder and Editor in Chief of iDB. Once a BlackBerry user, Sebastien instantly fell in love with the iPhone when it was first announced in 2007. Shortly after, he decided to start sharing his knowledge of iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking, which led to the creation of this blog. Sebastien currently owns 7 iPhones, 4 iPads, an iMac, a MacBook Air, and 2 Apple TVs. When he’s not surfing the web, you can usually find Sebastien surfing the waves of Southern California, or traveling the world with his wife Tina, his daughter Chloé and his son Luca. You can find his posts on iDB here. Happy owner of the Cydia account #132051, Sebastien can be reached via email at seb [at] idownloadblog.com or on Twitter.

Jeff Benjamin

Jeff has been with iDownloadBlog since 2010, acting as resident video and podcast producer, and tutorial expert. He earned his degree in Computer Network Systems back in 2001, but decided Cisco routers and the like just weren’t for him. Since then, he’s been heavily involved with online writing. He’s written for numerous tech and video game sites since the late 1990’s, and has a knack for explaining things in a simple, clear, and concise manner. Jeff works primarily from the east coast on his Retina Macbook Pro, and shoots video with a Canon DSLR. During downtime he likes to travel the world, visiting the various Apple Stores across the globe. You can find Jeff’s posts on iDB here. You can email him at jeff [at] idownloadblog.com or follow him on Twitter.

Cody Lee

Cody’s history with smartphones goes almost as far back as he does. As the son of a Nokia employee, he was exposed early on to handsets like the N91 and the Communicator. He has since been involved in nearly every aspect of the mobile phone industry. While going to college, he worked at a Nokia factory, building handsets, and later moved on to a sales position at a major wireless carrier. In 2011, Cody turned his part-time hobby of writing about Apple and the mobile industry into a full time job and hasn’t looked back since. In his spare time, he’s a self-proclaimed pool shark and likes hanging out on the beach. You can find Cody’s posts on iDB here. You can email him at cody [at] idownloadblog.com or follow him on Twitter.

Christian Zibreg

Christian writes about Apple from the north Adriatic Sea region, reporting on the latest from the Apple sphere in between sipping his cocktail on the beach, soaking up sun rays and snapping up sunset shots with his iPhone. He got bitten by the technology bug in his pre-teen days and has been hooked up ever since. He sometimes has overly strong opinions about Apple and Android devices he owns. Christian also blogged about Apple, Google and technology for TGDaily.com, Geek.com, Brightsideofnews.com, 9to5Mac.com and 9to5Google.com. In his spare time… Wait, Christian has no spare time. You can find Christian’s posts on iDB here. You can email him at dujkan [at] idownloadblog.com or follow him on Twitter.

Jake Smith

Jake SmithJake has been involved in reporting the latest from the technology industry since the age of 15 and has been enjoying the ride ever since. He has several years of experience working in fast-paced news rooms, delivering the latest from the oh-so secretive company in Cupertino, while balancing school at the same time. Jake is from Louisville, KY and is currently attending his freshman year at the University of Kentucky. You can find Jake’s post on iDB here. He can be reached on Twitter or via email at jake [at] idownloadblog.com.

Timothy Reavis

Timothy ReavisTimothy devotes most of his time to his iMac, writing and coding, with leftover hours being spent with his iPhone on Twitter or in Cydia. Mealtimes are integrated into one of the above. Timothy became an editor for iDownloadBlog in 2014, where he avidly writes about his favorite conversation topic – all things Apple – whilst microblogging on Twitter about technology and jailbreak tweaks. When he does step away from the computer, it’s mostly to play airsoft or go fishing with friends. You can find Timothy’s posts on iDB here. His Cydia ID is #464563278, and you can contact him via email at timothy [at] idownloadblog.com or on Twitter.

Jim Gresham

Jim specializes in hardware and app reviews. The son of an IBM-er, he is an avid Apple convert but still has terrible flashbacks to the old days. He spent his younger years tinkering with computers, reading about technology, and watching Star Wars, while being teased by his peers at school for nerdy tendencies. Since 2008, he has worked on improving his Apple arsenal and spends his free time researching the latest gadget trends, trying to find the next awesome iDevice accessory for review. A native of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he enjoys the stiff crease on a well-ironed dress shirt and dons a bow tie on a regular basis. You can find Jim’s posts on iDB here. You can email him at jim [at] idownloadblog.com or follow him on Twitter.

Oliver Haslam

Oliver is a 20-something tech enthusiast with too many items on his wish-list and not nearly enough money! Specializing in all things tech, with a slight Apple bent he has been writing for various blogs for the best part of 3 years and is every-so-slightly addicted to ‘the Twitters’. Despite the odd dabble with Android and WP7, Oliver keeps being pulled right on back to his iPhone 5. You can find Oliver’s posts on iDB here. You can email him at oliver [at] idownloadblog.com or follow him on Twitter.