Saurik revealed a couple of weeks ago that he was working on iOS 11 support for Cydia and Mobile Substrate, but a new comment posted on Reddit by the father of jailbreaking himself highlights that there’s a lot more going on under the hood than meets the eye.

One of the major highlights of the comment is how Saurik teamed up with a prominent developer from the jailbreak community to make all this possible. That developer wishes to remain anonymous at this point in time, but we’ll all eventually learn of his or her identity when the time is right.

As for what’s going on under the hood, Saurik appears to be working on an entirely new implementation for Mobile Substrate. It ditches jailbreakd in place of a dyld-hooking mechanism that makes the entire platform both more stable and efficient.

The following snippet from Saurik’s comment explains in detail:

The architecture without the “jailbreakd” is much cleaner: it means that there isn’t some weird coordination boundary halfway between Substrate and the jailbreak; and the runtime stability will be a lot better: what people seem to want “jailbreakd” to do involves walking through data structures in the kernel – without the locks required to do that, and in a “slow” manner from userspace (increasing the likelihood of various race conditions) – every time processes spawn and Subtrate has to manage code injection.

And it just isn’t necessary.

In addition to this, Saurik also mentions how limitations built into iOS 11 narrow the Unix-based possibilities on a jailbroken device. That said, changes to Apple’s operating system (both now and going forward) could potentially make pwned devices less capable than they have been over the years.

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The moral of the entire story is that Saurik’s having to work extra hard to make things entirely compatible, and we should be thankful for his efforts. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be long now until both Cydia and Mobile Substrate are iOS 11-ready, which is excellent news for anyone wanting to take full advantage of tools like LiberiOS to jailbreak iOS 11.1.2.

  • Greg S

    Saurik if you’re reading this. Thank you.

    To all readers. I donated US$40 after the last iDB post on Dec 19. I challenge others to do so. Saurik works on Cydia with the most minimal profit margin, and sometimes at a loss. Show him some encouragement.

    • nonchalont

      I agree. Thank you Saurik for all your hard work, dedication, and efforts. I truly enjoy a jailbroken idevice. Without you, jailbreak is nothing.

    • Linktothepast

      Amen man! Saurik doesn’t ever get the credit he deserves

    • Richard Fairbanks

      > I donated US$40

      • Oded Ostfeld

        You can go to his or Cydia site or after jail breaking on the main page there is a donation button.

    • iPhoneXSGRAY256GBUNLOCKED not quite as much, but better than nothing! I’ve bought 40 odd expensive tweaks (some from Saurik)

  • Rahimo

    Saurik .. I’m from Algeria ! I can’t send you donation !! but take this from me .. You are a WARRIOR !! keep going ..

  • David Gow

    Cheers and happy new year to all

  • ravinigga

    Damn still on 11.2 I’m my x. Still hoping for update because 11.1.2 runs shite on x and screen is also unresponsive


      You’ll be waiting and hoping for a longtime!

  • Ronny Llerena

    GREAT, it’s always good to hear someone is actually working on making jailbreaking a lot more efficient. Saurik has always done a great job keeping Cydia working the way it should. Thanks for the info Anthony, great job.

  • Corey B

    Saurik you should win a nobel piece prize after this. Still continuing doing your work and now back to update cydia. Amazing. I7+ was the first phone they never saw a jailbreak. When it’s available they better make the iPhone X a lifetime phone because I refuse to lose a jailbreak again.

    • stylesbeyond

      the 7 plus was jailbroken! all devices except the apple tv3 has been jailbroken

      • Corey B

        I was on a beta and didn’t think it was going to be done. Now I’m fully prepared.

    • Mike

      What are you talking about? My iP7+ is currently jailbroken on iOS 10.1.1.

  • Linktothepast

    The beauty of all this is coolstar was the one pushing the jailbreakd method and secretly posted that he was going to accuse saurik of being a fraud and ripping off his code only for saurik to scrap it as garbage haha get wrecked kid! All hai saurik the TRUE godfather of jailbreaking! Live long and prosper dude

    • Steven Van

      secretly posted ?

  • dr. M.

    Still on IOS 9.0.2. Thrilled that Saurik again works on JB despite dire outlooks from a few months back

    • Jayy

      I’m still on 9.0.2 on my 6s plus. I just bought a iPhone 10 recently and I’m on 11.1.2 stock iOS is weird getting used to, but at the same time using something higher than iOS 9 for the first time is a refreshing feeling! Still can’t wait to jailbreak this though!


        I’m in the same boat except I’ve got a 6S on 9.3.2 not using my X Until the iOS 11 jb is all good to go.

      • Jayy

        I’m hoping it’s very soon! I can’t wait to customize this phone. My 6s plus can actually do my than my 10 software wise.

      • Jayy

        Nice, I’ll make my donation when I get off work!


        Cheers mate! ❤️️??

  • Omri Kug

    Where can I donate to this peace of art?

  • urbanman2004

    You Saurik are the real MVP


    I’m wondering about the new security flaw in iOS 11.2.1 and backwards “Spectre” Will anything be done in Cydia to protect the jailbreak community?

  • amat

    this is exciting, should i update to the latest ios 11.2.1 from ios 9.3? while waiting this jailbreak to be official.

    what is the safest way to do that?

  • koelly

    Saurik is a real men ? and i love him

  • Brian Vincent

    Just donated $50.00 to Saurik.
    Saurik, Thanks for all you’re hard work buddy!
    iOS 11 woot woot!