Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak, said in a recent interview with Tom’s Guide how proud Apple is of the notch on iPhone X.

While there’s been much debate on the notch (I personally don’t mind it), Apple sees it as one of three huge steps forward for mobile phones. In Tom’s Guide list of most innovative technology of 2017, they highlight the Super Retina Display, Face ID and the A11 Bionic chip as the reasons iPhone X stands out.

“With all of those components, this is one of the most densely packed technology areas I think we’ve ever done,” Joswiak told the publication. “It’s one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology we’ve ever done in such an incredibly small space.”

The executive went on to highlight the difference between Apple’s facial recognition technology and others, pointing out the company’s signature strategy of not necessarily being first to market with an idea, but how to do it right.

Forget all those stories you heard about us trying to map fingerprints into the back. We had a line of sight on how to do real facial recognition, in a way never done before. It would be really hard to do, but we just didn’t want to do it the way others had, which could literally be spoofed with a picture.

If you have a moment or two, you can check out the rest of the list of innovative products and read the rest of Greg Joswiak’s comments over on Tom’s Guide.

Do you agree that the notch is more of an impressive feature than a detraction? This is coming from the VP of marketing, for goodness sake! Let us know your take below.

  • nonchalont

    The notch isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s really quite small compared looking at photos. The VP is right that Apple put so much tech in a small place.

    • eXoguti097

      It’s still a complete eyesore for me when I wanna watch a movie in landscape. I really wish it wasn’t there.

      • I don’t know what kind of videos you are watching, but 1080p video fits in the full size of the screen perfectly (with the black bars on the side), if you stretch it out, you lose content on the top and bottom of the video. If you’re watching a widescreen movie, then making the video full screen hides content at the sides of the video. I don’t see how the notch is a problem, you either fit the video to the screen to have the most information, or you can complain about the notch and lose information in video at the same time…
        Its not an issue really.

      • eXoguti097

        I said movies for a reason. It is an issue, you have this beautiful wide display with good looking rounded corners and you want to fill it. You lose barely any video in widescreen movies if you fill the screen, nothing important, but then the notch ruins the immersive experience.

      • But a loss is a loss. With the width of the movie being full screen, you lose about 7%, combined with the % you lose from the rounded edges and the notch, its close to 12%. But you are right about it distracting from the video. I find it to be more annoying in games as most game creators just upscale their apps and not shift things around to accommodate the round edges and notch

      • i have been watching full screen youtube videos on my iPhone X, and the i didn’t even notice the notch, not even in landscape!

      • fastasleep

        But for 16×9 content (the vast majority out there), if you went full width with or without a notch, you’d then be cutting off the top and bottom of your content. If you have a film with a wider aspect ratio, then yeah, it’s kind of an issue if you can imagine what it might look like if you could use more space, but I mean that content leaves every single TV out there with letterboxing as well because their screens are 16×9 and people don’t lose sleep over it. Even if the notch was gone, you’d then be complaining that your 16×9 content doesn’t reach full width. You can’t really have it both ways.

      • eXoguti097

        I don’t zoom in with 16:9, it’s only widescreen content that barely gets cut out. Not enough to justify not extending the video to the edges, because it looks great, where the notch isn’t at least.

      • fastasleep

        16:9 isn’t widescreen anymore? I must be getting old. 🙂

        So you’re saying the wider-than-16:9 formatted movies could go wider without hitting the notch and that extra mm or whatever is what you’re not cool with? I’m confused. Also how many feature length movies are you watching on your phone, and why not just hold it very slightly closer to your face to make it the size it would be if that were the case? Or just get an iPad. 🙂

      • eXoguti097

        I think you’re reading too much into it. I love the X, Face ID and all, but simply put the notch it distracting in landscape. I’m not gonna say “it’s okay, I can just deal with it” because it’s an iPhone. The display should extend all the way to the edges on all sides or be symmetrical. Who knows, maybe it’s just a slight OCD thing, but a very reasonable one at that.

        Also, about holding the phone closer, I simply love the curved edges. It gives the illusion that you’re holding just a screen with no frame and it’s just great, more on one side than the other.

      • fastasleep

        I get you, and I’m being a bit hyperbolic. I guess I mean, 16×9 fits fine at full height in landscape. Wider aspect ratio material which is less common doesn’t, but it’s still at a decent size and you still have the same quality, even if there are slight letterboxing top and bottom as well. I just am okay with it that way even though we can pine for the next best thing which isn’t here yet.

      • M_Hawke

        You say to him “it’s not an issue really,” and that’s your pov, not his.

    • The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of space up in the status bar, besides that, the physical hardware design and look doesn’t bother me much at all

  • 9to5Slavery

    Out sight, out of mind, then innovation can be appreciated.

    • Anon 2.0

      out of sigh out of mind, wide beaming opticals

  • DD™

    Seriously? People need to just let this go, it’s part of the phone and it obviously was put there for a reason. Lots of technology cramped into the entire iPhone X and especially in this little area. Like anything else, if you don’t like something and it bothers you, don’t use or purchase it. The iPhone 8 doesn’t have the notch and aesthetically may be better for some users. Now, having said that, the X would look better without the notch, but with some creativity, it can be made very useful. I’m hoping app devs get creative!

    • Mark S

      Why don’t you just let it go? We want what we want.

      • DD™

        I bought the phone and I’m happy with it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, or make your own. I have the right to comment without a personal attack. So get over it!

      • So why don’t you give others that same right?

      • M_Hawke

        Hey, and we didn’t buy it, LOL. I just love it online when people express their opinion (the very purpose of online commentary) and someone replies “just get over it” as if the other person’s opinion doesn’t count. LOL

      • DD™

        Your thoughts and opinion do count. At least as far as sharing them in an online commentary. My point was simply… There is nothing you can do about the iPhone X. You either buy it or not. By the way, if your going to quote me, do it accurately. I wrote “people just need to let it go” not “just get over it”. My comment, I believe was more respectful than your interpretation. Btw, I’m letting this thread go now. Enjoy the holiday season!

      • M_Hawke

        Did quote you accurately. See your reply to Mark S.

  • M_Hawke

    I’m not going to consider one until the design gets rid of the notch. I wouldn’t mind a slightly longer phone to accommodate the Face ID tech if it gave a notchless screen.

  • Mark S

    The notch sucks Joswiak take it back.

  • HamptonWalley

    Notch is ugly, unnatural, good for gays. I’ll stick with fingerprint sensor ones…

    • nova12

      I’m sorry. What?

  • Omri 

    My iPhone X opens for my brother using Face ID (we aren’t twins), so strange..

  • André Le Comte

    There’s no excuse for the notch

    • nova12

      How else could they do it?

      • André Le Comte
      • nova12

        That’s a concept rendering.

        In other words, just don’t have the “ears” and just have a big black bar from edge to edge at the top.

        I’d rather have the time/location in the left ear and cell/WiFi/battery in the right ear, and have the rest of the screen for content.

        What you are proposing (even as a concept) would be less screen for content.

      • André Le Comte

        The “ears” mess-up everything else because status indicators do not stay in the “ears”.

      • nova12

        I haven’t run into that yet. You mean that the status indicators sometimes drop down into the active screen? In which apps have you seen this happen?

      • André Le Comte

        Every app that supports landscape screen orientation.

  • Lit

    more like deflection to me.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    After two weeks of using an X I don’t notice the notch anymore and when I did it didn’t bother me.

  • nova12

    the notch bothers me, but I’m not sure how they could NOT have it, since all that stuff has to be on the front of the phone. I’m sure eventually technology will advance to where those things work through an active display, though.

    cosmetics with anything other than a dark screen/wallpaper is a little of what bothers me, but what I REALLY don’t like about it is that it drastically reduces the information in the status bar. you have to pull down the control center for a peek at battery %, do not disturb status, etc.

    • Fanboy 

      I actually like it. When I use to jailbreak I would get tweaks that would hide the battery percentage until it got below 20% because I wanted a clean status bar. There was also a tweak that allowed me to hide Bluetooth icon, etc.

      The clean look on the X is perfect. And you’re only one quick swipe away from seeing all the info you need at a glance.

      • nova12

        Yeah, it’s not enough to make me get rid of the phone, not even close. And I do like the clean appearance. Heck, I used to use springtomize (and there was another status bar tweak I can’t remember) to hide stuff in the status bar. But I do like knowing if DND is on (I can’t remember my schedule no matter how hard I try)

        I just need to get used to it.

        And not seeing the spinning icon sometimes makes me wonder if I clicked something and it’s thinking, or if I missed the “submit payment” button. That is another thing I gotta get used to.

  • :D

    I would have preferred a notch that runs all the way across the top than one that cuts into the screen.

  • Does anyone know if the faceID scanner works if your phone is in landscape mode or upside down?

    I’ve been wondering for a while now. Why didn’t Apple just put some edging on the top and the bottom and finally give us a phone that didn’t have to be held “this side up” to use. The only reason I can think of for the notch is that Apple had to have a visual indication of how to hold the phone for faceID to work.