Some iPhone X owners have complained about a range of issues with their handset that may be attributed to manufacturing defects stemming from poor or hastily done quality control.

One user took to Reddit to complain about air bubbles around the edges of the screen. “When pressure is applied, they disappear but return 10-15 minutes later,” reads the post.

Several other commenters have acknowledged seeing the same issue.

It would seem that the affected units are having issues with the optically clear adhesive layer basically delaminating between the glass and the OLED screen. All iPhones are processed during production by specialized machines to get rid of any air bubbles after the display has been laminated so this appears to be a manufacturing defect.

Another Reddit poster noticed a small circle on their display, shown top of post.

“The top half of the display is fine but the bottom half of the display is very prone to smudges and finger printing,” the poster wrote. “It’s as if the coating on the display isn’t even there, what remains is that circle.”

All iPhones have an oleophobic coating on the glass which helps keep fingerprints from adhering to the glass while making water easier to wipe away. No Reddit commenters have reported seeing the same issue so this could be an isolated incident where the coating was done poorly during production and is already wearing off, leaving behind smudges.

Lastly, this Reddit poster is seeing some banding going across and down the screen almost like a mesh when displaying dark grey at minimum brightness.

“I’ve noticed what I think you are describing,” wrote another poster. “I’m browsing Apollo in black mode and grey text will have a slight red shadow affect appear when I scroll through posts.” Another Reddit commenter has reported seeing this mostly when  in Control Center and the app in the background is grey or white.

“I’m not sure what you mean by banding, but my old Galaxy S8 display was really shitty when watching mainly dark videos at the lowest brightness setting,” another commenter responded.

It’s unclear if this, too, is a manufacturing defect or a standard issue with OLED panels.

A sample size of a few people isn’t any cause for alarm, but we’ll be following other reports closely to determine if iPhone X may be suffering from quality control problems.

If you are having issues with your iPhone X, schedule a Genius Bar appointment.

Anyone else encountered these issues?

Let us know in the comments!

  • Juniors234

    mmmm. This is why it is never good to rush out to grab the latest tech. Always good to let it mature for while, for them to squash most of the bugs, and quality control issues. When i use to be on the android side of things, i was one of the first to order the original Google Pixel. When it arrived at my house, the screen was separated from its body in the top right hand corner. It appears the adhesive had not fully cured! -_- i had to put the device under some textbooks for about 24 hrs before it permanently set. After that i had no issues.

    • Joshua Ventura

      Mature? Every phone is going to have issues, it’s the way it is. Every software will have a bug. I hate when people say, wait for the next phone, next year when the bugs are squished. There is always going to be a issue because it’s new hardware and new software. Example would be iPhone 8 to iPhone X. New hardware and new software. Then I’ll hear wait the iPhone X (S), what if we get a new form factor or a bigger display? Then what? Let’s wait for the next iPhone right?

      • Alejandro Delgado

        I’m guessing if any production issues appear, future production of the same phone will likely correct the issues, if it is poor manufacturing that’s causing this off course.

      • Juniors234

        Hold up there cowboy! Never said to wait till next year. Read my comment carefully. I said let it mature for a while. I never affixed a time to it. In manufacturing usually in the first few weeks and months there will always be some initial production issues. Nothing is wrong with waiting 3-4 months after initial release. But no need to wait for a year. My point was in the first few weeks the manufacturer is always under pressure due to high demand. As this pressure lessens going into the first few months quality control improves and major software bugs are squashed. Notice i said “most of the bugs” I never implied that ALL bugs will be fixed in my original comment. And anyone familiar with tech knows this is true. Rapid software updates are released in the first few weeks as users discover issues then going into months slower updates and rollouts happen. Also waiting for a phone is not life threatening. If you have a family, or own a business or even in school I’m sure there are better more sensible ways to direct one’s $1000. Most people I know are now buying iPhone 7 Pluses too by the way not 8s and Xs. I work at a cell phone repair shop and I can assure you most of the phones I have repaired are not even iPhone 7/7plus. Most are 6/6s/Plus and 5s. People are simply not as desperate as you are making it seem to grab the latest and greatest on day 1 sir. People have rent or mortgages to pay, car loans, school loans, medical bills, utility bills, and children to feed! Also tax season is around the corner!

      • slpki

        Boy you need to stop getting TRIGGERED at every comment on here. This is a completely new design and with a lot first generation products there will likely be problems (especially down the line as they do not materialise right away), such as the MacBook Pro from 2016, I’ve experienced many issues with it (Keyboard sticking, sleep wake failure). Late 2013 MacBook Pro was better, because that design has been improved upon over many years. The iPhone 6 design has matured and problems ironed out, hence iPhone 7/8 are ‘better’ phones since many problems have been ironed out from previous iterations.

      • Vinnie Bones


      • Twyler

        My boss worked for Nokia back in the day. Said the old school phones which were super reliable shipped with over 50,000 bugs! Insane with no way to patch them! Nothing is ever perfect I suppose.

  • Jerry

    iPhone X from Polish distribution. None of the above happens.

    • burge

      What has a distributor got to do with a manufacturing defect.

    • MelonlordKun

      I feel the main issue is the small gate of time Apple gives manufactures to make the device. Not the device itself or the manufacture.

  • Micky

    What about the front speaker rattling at the highest volume that’s one the issue you guys haven’t pointed out yet !

    • MelonlordKun

      Seems like another isolated issue as well. Most people don’t think about these phones being manufactures in the masses. There’s gonna be some with issues no matter what.

      • Micky

        The iPhone X is and unfinished product it has nothing to do with mass manufacturing, i have been an apple user before the iPhones came out. Apple has been getting lazy over the years they have been using the same design from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 that’s 4 models later all apple could come up with a design like iPhone X ? The iPhone X is nothing ground breaking Samsung or lg can put apple to shame when it comes designing a great hardware in recent years. I’m really furious that apple chooses to go where the profit is now instead of putting out a product that is different from other companies only thing apple has superior to other manufacturers is just the os if apple
        Didn’t have iOS I would have jumped ship last year I just don’t trust android os as is IOS. Steve jobs was never about profit he was about the name Apple and how consumers interacted with apple products. Look at what apple
        Does now they have literally 3 premium models and all have a small price different but you have to pay different prices to get different feature how is that streamlining the user experience smh. It’s a shame a company that took pride in user experience is more about profits now

      • Mykii Liu

        So… you want a circle phone now? Lol

  • Manu70

    How many units out of the 3 millions delivered? It would be foolish to think there could be a 0% defect rate with these high tech devices.

  • brian.

    Yeah, defects happen. I’m actually surprised there’s not another “-gate” that people are jumping onto. Just the usual stuff of defects and whatnot.

    It’s nice that you can always just exchange the device for a new one. Apple retail makes it easier for a lot of people to do that.

    • askep3

      Yeah it’s pretty impressive there isn’t a -gate. People are always looking for something, and since this is the X, a huge launch, people are looking even harder. Isolated incidents like the bend gate were petty enough, so I’m surprised no one has found something like that for the X

  • Jamessmooth

    No issues here. Faceid doesn’t work all the time for me, that’s the only annoyance. OH and going from a + to the X is tough since it’s slimmer.

  • 8lias

    Xpensive-gate…..there…’s a thing.

    • Vinnie Bones

      kidney or iphone? hmmmm

    • MelonlordKun

      Considering a similar pricey flagship like the Samsung Galaxy Note8 starts at 950, I don’t get the issue. Most people don’t buy phones outright anyways. They lease them.

  • Dao Sasone

    Its all apples fault. If they wanted to they can choose a more thorough manufacturer or make it in usa. 1k ph and it only cost 357 to manufacture. Apple is just greedy. Look at all the issues in the past.

    • Federico Lazzari

      Then buy shares of Apple and benefit from that “greed”!

  • benedilorenzo

    Sorry, but I don’t accept this as “standard issue with OLED panels”, with this price! DON’T, I CAN’T!

  • Frankie Tommy DeVito

    I wanted to upgrade, but not to beat a dead horse…the “notch” irked me but after playing with it…it really didnt bother me as much as I thought actually! I liked the new feel of it, gestures. BUT I also had a fear that since this is very new technology for Apple, I should just wait! Now seeing that the X doesn’t like cold weather, random OLED fails with green lines forming after 5, 6 days, now this? I don’t know. Sure..many phones may not have these issues yet. They may never develop these issues., but dropping $1000 + on this along with a risk, it’s not worth it for me right now! If I do end up getting this, I’ll wait a few months until bugs cleared up, newer produced phones may be better perhaps. Who knows.