Do you already miss the good old Home button on your shiny new iPhone X? If so, you have several options ahead of you. You can either suck it up and live with it, return your iPhone X, or replicate the Home button by using the AssistiveTouch accessibility feature to replicate the functions of the Home button.

On your iPhone X, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, and turn the feature on. This will bring up a virtual button that you can relocate anywhere on your screen.

This virtual button truly shines as a Home button replacement when you start customizing it to replicate the functions of its physical counterpart of yesteryears.

In the Custom Actions section, make sure you map the actions in this way:

  • Single tap takes you Home
  • Double tap opens Multitasking (App Switcher)
  • Long press invokes Siri

The Home button is not coming back, so I’d personally recommend adjusting to the new way to interact with iOS, but if the transition is too hard for you, the AssistiveTouch feature will sure help you easing into it.

  • Andres

    *For those with separation anxiety*

  • Neo Ajaka

    what baffles me is that Apple never even mentioned that!!!

  • bigkool2

    I already forgot about the home button..
    Had to help the wife with her phone Sunday (iPhone 7), touch ID felt old already.

    • ClaudieX X

      felt old??? Touch ID is a Mature technology and by far more convenient, fast and flexible than Face ID that must work at a precise distance, with a conditioned amount of battery, with no so much change in your face, forget to turn on your phone while someone is talking to you… you must to loose eye contact, look at the phone, and then look again to the person in front of you like a dummy… so… come on…

      • Mr_Coldharbour


      • thunderqus

        Although i like what you said, but after unlocking via touch id, you still have to look at screen anyways otherwise how will you check for which you unlocked (via touch id) in first place?

        Plus, if the eye contact / conversation is that important , one shouldnt use their phone, and for causal conversation it shouldnt be a problem to look at phone for one second. You should also be aware that people are already living inside their phone screen for most of their life anyways, while walking, eating, even while watching TV, in public transport.

      • ClaudieX X

        Really? Do you not realize the difference?
        One thing is checking who wrote a message in less than a second turning your eyes to the side and the other is changing your posture to do the very same… (with more steps and more time consuming – far more than the one second you said – )
        That little difference in time and posture, is the difference between nothing and bad-mannered…

        For the second thing you said, we are talking about the difference between 2 technologies and you suddenly change the topic to what people do or not do ???

  • Satyam Panchal

    it feel like touchid is back with that home button xD

  • ClaudieX X

    Hope that Touch ID returns on next iPhone.

  • ttluv2004

    Good find. I didn’t use for Home button but use it for Reachability, Control Center and Notification which the phone screen longer and hard to reach the top.

    • Jay

      you turn reachability on in the accessibility settings. on the X you just swipe the home bar downward.

  • lmao Home Button is done we have no use for it as smooth as these gestures and Face ID