In addition to releasing a detailed Guided Tour video covering some of the iPhone X basics, including navigating without a Home button, using Apple Pay, Animoji and more, the company published a set of support documents and tips for using the device.

The support documents cover some of the major new features in detail, like setting up and using the new Face ID facial recognition system, paying with your face, as well as playing with Animoji and using gestures to navigate the phone.

Here they are:

Additionally, Apple published a Tips webpage for iPhone X.

Following the format established by its stock Tips app in which these tips should start appearing shortly, the webpage covers some of the basics like turning the phone off, using the tap-to-wake display, unlocking the phone, getting to the iOS app switcher and more.

Each tip is accompanied by a short animation.

Are you liking these new support docs?

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  • Lewis Gale

    Will this app be supporting iPhone X? It just looks to small on the screen with big black bars top and bottom.

  • Christopher Morris

    Seems like everyone is concerned about the notch so a lot of the apps are using a much smaller screen.

    • Weird, mine works perfectly even in a completely darkened room. You have to turn your head slowly when it scans your face and basically draw a circle with your nose. That’s how I did it and it hasn’t failed once so far.