Apple has just opened up pre-orders for iPhone X on its website and on authorized resellers’ websites. With inventory rumored to be extremely low, and demand to be very high, these are sure to go fast. As a matter of fact, at the time you are reading this, chances are the iPhone X is already on back order.

Available in Silver or Space Gray, and in 64 or 256GB, the iPhone X starts at $999 and goes up to $1,149 for the larger storage option variant.

Were you able to place your pre-order in? If so, what is your delivery day?

  • Colleen

    The website and the app were both closed, until about ten minutes after midnight. I placed my order, or so I thought. Apple couldn’t complete the order, because they “can’t reach carrier system.” I got a reservation number, whatever that’s worth. They said they’ll let me complete the order after they contact the carrier, AT&T. I’m still waiting.

    • Jinetrix

      Yup I’m in the same boat, then 2 hours after they sent another email notifying me that they still couldn’t contact carrier systems.

      It gets worse because I have questions.

      If the 24 hours passes before they can contact carrier systems does that mean my order expires? Will my order be credited at the time I got the reservation (12:12AM Pacific) or will I be pushed to the back of the line for their technical difficulty and be super late in the shipping queue?

      • Keith Wing

        Same here.

    • Ali Martin

      I ordered as soon as the website opened, and as fast as I could last night and also got the same message. I’m on AT&T as well. Still waiting on an email.

    • Keith Wing


    • Jinetrix

      Just spoke to Apple and got a minor update. They said whenever your reservation occurred your shipping estimate is saved. So you won’t lose your spot in the queue due to these delays. If you got your order in fast then it will ship as if you completed the order immediately. So that’s one weight off my shoulders.

      • Ali Martin

        I also got that answer today. She said it can take up to 24 hours to get the email, and then you have another 24 hours after that. Depending on what shipping time they give me, it might be hella easier to just walk in on release date :/

      • Colleen

        Thanks to everyone for all the good replies.

        Update: I logged back into Apple, gave my reservation #, and finished putting in my order. It gave me a delivery date of December 11-18.

        I had placed the original order within the first five minutes of preorders, so I knew that couldn’t be right.

        Then I got an email a couple hours later, with a link to complete the original order. So I did. But of course, it wouldn’t take it, because I already placed one. Only one order per phone #.

        After 9 calls I got through to customer service. An hour and a half of deleting orders, putting in new orders, deleting, starting over…. finally, got my order placed.

        Due to be delivered November 17-24. Good enough.

        And it only cost me the price of six iPhone Xs, and 5 of those will be credited back to me! Does that mean I won?

  • websyndicate

    This will be the first time I wait on see. This is a totally new iPhone. I don’t want to get iPhone Gate Something.

    • Adam

      You have 14 days to return iPhone if you don’t like it. No questions asked. Instead of waiting for others to review you could decide for yourself. Still if you camp outside the shop in a weeks time you might get it

  • Gabriel Figuera

    I did try the apple store online to pre-order the Verizon iPhone X 256GB Silver but the verification for the Verizon account kept failing telling me to try again later. I guess the servers go slammed with all the request. To make the story short, at 12:12AM I went to the Verizon wireless website instead and in a few clicks I was able to secure the iPhone I wanted to be delivered Nov 3

  • Claudio Silva

    Got mine in England, app didnt work till 8:06 but was able to order through the web browser on PC at 8:02… first time app failed when pre ordering, normally is the quickest way… in time for Nov 3rd delivery… as well now its preparing to dispach for that day on order status…