iPhone X relies on a simple upward swipe gesture to bring up iOS 11’s task switcher, which lets you cycle through your recently used apps by swiping left and right.

But there’s an even more intuitive gesture to switch apps on iPhone X.

Although Apple’s Craig Federighi showed it in action briefly during the iPhone X keynote, thanks to a hands-on video posted to Twitter by HalideCamera designer and Pictogramagency founder Sebastiaan de With, we now have a better idea of how it works.

To cycle between your recently used apps, you just swipe left or right along the bottom area of the screen. The transition from one app to another is also nicely animated.

Here’s Craig’s on-stage demo of this feature.

You’ll still need to use the traditional card-based app switching interface to access your recently used apps that you haven’t opened in a while, but this is a major productivity boost for cycling through apps you use the most on your iPhone X, from anywhere in iOS.


  • Vinnie Bones

    I like my 8+, I’m still gonna get one anyway.

  • techfreak23

    lol my friend made this video and posted it on reddit yesterday. It got crazy responses in the first hour and then that guy posted it on his twitter account.

  • jacjustjac

    Haha, the rainbow swipe is unnecessary. Just a straight horizontal swipe would do. On another note, iOS 11 is making my wife motion sick. Makes me concerned when she finally gets a X.

    • Reduce Motion?

    • Urname

      Actually might be easier with the rainbow swipe. It’s a smoother motion that doesn’t require you to contract your hand as much and shift your grip

      • askep3

        You can do any combo of the two, it just shows that as long as your finger starts at one end of the home bar and travels to the other t doesn’t matter where else you take it as long as point A and point B are stil the same.

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    And my iPhone 8 can’t do this why

    • Jay

      because you have a home button and they don’t have enough courage to allow it.

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    Love how smooth the video makes the iOS look when I’m on iPhone 8+ iOS 11.1 beta 5. Shits probably on iOS 11.2

  • rafa benitez

    finally Zephyr its on stock ios lol.. cool

    • Rahimo

      I’m a big fan of Zephyr