Although we’ve already written a lot about iPhone X there are still some aspects to it that we haven’t explored in detail, especially its Lock screen and Home screen experiences.

9to5Mac uncovered interesting iPhone X tidbits from Xcode 9.1 beta, which released yesterday.

The new Xcode includes a more fully-fledged iPhone X Simulator that gives us a peek at the handset’s new Lock screen and Home screen experiences, as detailed below.

Home screen

  • The iPhone X Dock is limited to four apps, the same as standard iPhones, and sports an iPad-like design that follows the rounded corners of the physical screen.
  • The persistent thin bar at the bottom of the screen gently animates up and down, hinting at the new way of unlocking the handset.

Like with standard iPhones, the Dock is limited to a total of four apps.

Lock screen

  • The “Press to open” text on the Lock screen has become ”Swipe up to open.”
  • You get two quick shortcuts at either side on bottom of the Lock screen, Flashlight and Camera, that can be activated by pressing firmly with 3D Touch.

The Control Center indicator in the top right corner.

Control Center

  • A pull-down indicator in the top-right corner tells you that the iPhone X Control Center is invoked by pulling down on the right side of the status bar.
  • When invoked, the Control Center interface relocates the carrier and battery percentage icons from the notch to the area just below the notch.

While the new Xcode simulator is in beta and a bit rough around the edges, it does give us a better idea what iOS 11 will look like on the edge-to-edge rounded screen of iPhone X.

The iPhone X Lock screen has 3D Touch shortcuts for Flashlight and Camera.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with additional information about iPhone X as we inch closer to the scheduled November 3 launch. Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the overhauled Lock screen and Home screen experiences on the X?

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  • FrankJL

    apple killed symmetry

  • The more I learn about the iPhone X the less I like it (which is pretty amazing since I didn’t have a high opinion of it day one). I miss the “good old days” where Apple was known for having and maintaining standards for user interfaces, but now if you have an iPhone 8 you get to control center from swiping up from the bottom, but if you have an X you swipe down from the top right. If you try swiping up on the X you’ll close an app, but if you want to close an app on the 8 you have to press the home button. Long pressing the home button will launch SIRI, but to get to her on the X you have to press the power button and on and on it goes. I liked being able to answer “how do I” questions from people without generally needing to know what model of phone they had. But now even to tell someone how to switch apps I’m clearly going to need to know what model they have :/

    Not to mention that the physical design now requires you to use the phone two handed. Performance wise it scores lower than either the 8 or 8 plus (which should be obvious anyways), it’s lacking several usability features found on the previous generations, and that notch gets in the way enough Apple disabled certain landscape features on it. If there was ever one product that made me feel like the Steve Jobs era is over it’s this phone. The ridiculous marketing gimmick of skipping the 9th gen and going straight to 10 is just cringeworthy behavior that I would have only expected a company like Microsoft to stoop to but now it’s all yours for only $1,000 (if you’re lucky enough to live in the US).

    • Carlos Rezende

      I feel the same bro!
      Funny thing is that I really like the hardware decisions (not considering the USB-C/Lightning incompatibilities). But software….it’s a complete mess. Having this difference between the way you invoke control center and all…
      It’s really ok to do it, but keep it between all the environment. Make the changes for everyone. I don’t see a software problem to do it in the old devices. Apple has done drastic software changes before. People get used to it sooner or later…
      The stupid ‘differences’ between devices for example. The new iPhone 8 has the haptic feedback in camera app. The 7, with the exact same architecture to make it work, doesn’t.
      I don’t care about the notch being there. Just make it right.
      Such little things make a real difference. The details don’t seem to be paid enough attention anymore.

      • Yeah I wish they would have released an iPhone 7S and included the FaceID scanner in the top bezel of the Plus model and given users a choice as to what to use. Unfortunately as things are right now I think that in terms of user experience (in these areas <- key phrase) Samsung's latest phones are doing more things right than Apple.

        I guess what annoys me in all of this is the insanity surrounding phones. We've reached a point in the tech world where most of the things that will be done with hand held tech have been already been done. Sure there will be occasional breakthroughs that shake things up, but we live in a world where people want to ditch their perfectly good phones for the latest and greatest every single year. I can't think of any other tech product that we treat that way. And to make it worse, tech companies have to meet the outlandish expectations for new shiny features so the buyers can get into something akin to religious slap fights with each other over who has the better "experience". The problem is that in the end it's the average customer that looses out because companies have to spend more and more money in a never ending gimmick war to stay "relevant" and all that R&D and expensive hardware raises the price of the phone up for everyone.

        I don't know what will come after the phone but I hope the next big thing gets here fast because this is one industry that could afford to slow down a little and use a little more sanity IMHO.

    • omakad

      I agree. Controls are definitely fragmentet, but if it makes you feel any better, this is the only way to do in order to switch from buttons to screen only and swipes. I’m sure next years all iPHones will be without home button and things will normalize again. They are growing pains when you switch tech. They even said at the keynote, that this is the new direction for next 10 years of design.

      • omakad

        Also most people will not have iPhone 10 and iPhone 8 or older, so it should not be a big problem. However it will be a problem for anyone who owns iPhone 10 and iPad, as people keep those around a lot longer.

      • Yeah that kind of worries me a bit to be honest. I kind of think Samsung though this through more than Apple and as one example of that, Samsung lets users force press on the bottom of the screen to go home. Apple makes you swipe up from the bottom to go home.

        What’s the benefit of Samsung’s methods (besides the fact that it’s an already familiar gesture that all users are used to performing)? If you’re playing a video game that requires lots of swiping actions you don’t run the constant risk of closing your game. I doubt that people who accidentally close apps on themselves time and time again playing things like fruit ninja are going to find much comfort in knowing that this is the sort of user experiences Apple plans on delivering for the next decade…

    • Galaxy Life

      Do you not realize that the “Steve jobs era” only spanned 4 phones (3 really) and all iPhones since have eclipsed them by leaps and bounds.

      What would be different if he was still alive? He wasn’t a designer or creator of anything, he was just a CEO and Tim Cook was hand picked by him probably because he has the same vision.

      • Actually the Steve Jobs died the day after the iPhone 4S was announced and the way product cycles go the 5 would already have been well into development which means that at a very minimum Steve Jobs oversaw (completely or in part) the first 6 generations of iPhones. Also we know from Jonny Ive that they started working on Phablet designs shortly after the launch of the 2G and determined that phones were too thick and too heavy and that bigger form factors needed to wait. Turns out the dimensions of the 6 Plus was picked by Steve Jobs years earlier.

        Have the phones eclipsed the first 5 by leaps and bounds? In terms of raw computing power and efficiency yes. The cameras, batteries, GPUs, CPUs, metal alloys, antenna technology etc have all come a long way. But has the iPhone really changed all that much since the original iPhone in terms of the overall concept? Not really… It’s still a portable media player, an internet communications device and a phone. The most significant change to iPhone was the App Store and that also took place under Steve Jobs.

        Also, people tend to not give Steve Jobs credit for his accomplishments. Remember he’s the same guy that went to Corning after hearing that they had a new type of super strong glass but upon getting there discovered that they had abandoned the project. In one meeting Steve Jobs was able to give them enough creative insight and direction into their own manufacturing processes that Gorilla Glass actually became a reality. He didn’t get the reputation for being a genius by looking at Jonny Ive’s work and saying that’s cool lets sell it, but by having a vision of what he wanted and chasing after it for decades to make it a reality.

        Anyways, all that to say, I disagree with everything you said there as I don’t think it fairly handles any historical facts we have. As far as what would be different, we know that Steve Jobs was adamant about certain things like consistency across design, symmetrical products, and in the case of phones specifically he wanted products that could be used one handed. iOS 11 and iPhone X break every single one of these things that Steve Jobs valued so highly.

        Also finally, no. Steve Jobs specifically picked Tim Cook because he was different. He even said as much, and we know that they disagreed on many things. Tim Cook never wanted Steve Jobs to go into a legal battle with Samsung for instance. Steve didn’t want Apple to get into a rut of thinking about what he would do. And while it’s a good idea to avoid getting stuck in a rut, Tim Cook isn’t as good as Steve was nor does he give any indication that he has a vision that he is passionately chasing down.

  • Sohail Wahab

    Things I would do to the Home Bar if I ever jailbroke my iPhone X

    1. Double tap for reachability
    2. Hold for spotlight search (spotlight is something I use 100% of the time on iOS)
    3. I would make it disappear within apps.

    The gestures and shortcuts are what I love about the new iPhone X

    • Hmmm… that’s an interesting idea. I hadn’t considered what cleaning up you could do with a jailbreak. I think if I could mod it any way I’d like I’d:

      1. Remove the swipe up to close gesture and replace it with a force press on the bottom of the screen to go home.
      2. Allow holding a force press on the bottom of the screen to bring up SIRI
      3. Bring back the force swipe to enter app switcher
      4. Re-enable enhanced landscape mode to get all the functionality that the Plus phones have
      5. Make the bar at the bottom disappear and remove the space from the footer menus
      6. Enable a swipe up from the bottom to bring up Control Center
      7. Put a Black bar behind the faceID bar and prevent apps from showing behind it
      8. Show either the WiFi OR the Cell antenna strength based on which one is actively in use (but not both to make the top more symmetrical)
      9. Allow a downward force gesture along either side of the phone to enter reachability mode
      10. (and this goes for all models) Let me access my notifications pull down from within reachability mode.

      I think these things would change the interactions to be far more uniform across devices and allow for greater speed in tasks. It was somewhat painful to watch the hands on demos with people trying to enter multitask mode for instance and even once they got used to it, there is no way it’s faster than double pressing the home button. I’m really interested to see how gaming works on the iPhone X as well. There are a lot of games that involve swiping mechanics and I frequently swipe off the bottom of the screen in several of them which causes the CC handle to appear (highly annoying). I can only imagine how funny it will be if people start reporting that every time you go to catch a Pokemon you close the app (or at least I think you swipe up from the bottom to throw the ball IDK never played it).

      • thunderqus

        I think point 9 has a problem, the reachability should be invoked without reaching on top, thats the whole point but if there is no other way than this, it is at least doable.

      • Oh, sorry if I wasn’t clear on that. I didn’t mean from top to bottom or anything just that if you force press anywhere on either edge of the display and pull down about an inch or so it would enter reachability mode.

        There’s probably better ways of doing most of this list but it was just something fun I put together on the spot. Not sure what Apple’s excuse is for their terrible iPhone X UI is though.