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A week after the big event of the year, Cody and Sebastien have had the time to digest everything that was unveiled. In this extra long episode, the two take a deeper dive into Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8, and iPhone Ex Ten.

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  • Got to say, I completely disagree about the new Apple Watch design. While you’re complaining that it’s thicker the housing is the same as series 2 and the heart rate tracker has increased in thickness by the same amount as 2 sheets of paper. Personally I don’t think that will be noticeable by anyone.

    Also, I personally love the look and design of the Apple Watch. But guys, I wouldn’t expect Apple to switch to a round display ever since that would mess up every single app designed for the watch. Not to mention it’s easier to adapt content to a square display than to a circular one.

    That said, I do agree with you on the pricing, paying $10/month for the ability to get data on my watch seems way too expensive. I can understand paying extra for data on an iPad since you’re going to potentially do a lot more on it than your phone. But when it comes to the watch, the stuff it does is exactly the same as the phone and it can’t do anything the phone can’t. Personally I wish that Apple would have worked with these companies to make data free. Shut off the data on the watch when you’re at your phone and only enable it when you’re out of range of your phone so that you aren’t using double data. IDK, something. Right not this feels like a rip off. I won’t be getting it, not to mention that red button on the side looks a bit weird on most watch face/band combinations.