In addition to releasing the major iOS 11 software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Apple on Tuesday posted the free watchOS 4 software update for all watch models, including the latest Apple Watch Series 3 wearables with LTE connectivity.

Apple also released the major iOS 11 software update today.

Moving from GM to public release

The watchOS 4 public release has the same build number (15R372) as the watchOS 4 GM.

People who installed the watchOS 4 GM on their Apple Watch needn’t do anything because they’ve been running literally the same code as folks who have just upgraded to the commercial watchOS 4 release.

To continue receiving watchOS 4 betas, keep Apple’s beta configuration profile on your device.

If you’d like to get the subsequent commercial builds when they’re released, delete the profile from your device and then update to the upcoming superseding version (watchOS 4.x) when it becomes available.

How to update to watchOS 4

You must be running iOS 11 on your iPhone for the watchOS 4 update to show up.

To update your wearable device to watchOS 4, launch the companion Watch app on its paired iPhone, tap the My Watch tab, then tap General → Software Update to check for a new update. If you don’t see watchOS 4 yet, give it a few minutes or longer because these thing take some time to propagate.

TUTORIAL: How to update Apple Watch software

Your Apple Watch must be in range of your paired iPhone, placed on its charging disk and have at least 50 percent batter in order for the update to download and install.

What’s new in watchOS 4?

There are over fifty new features in fourth major incarnation of its Apple Watch operating system. Check out some of the best new features watchOS 4 has to offer in Andrew’s hands-on video embedded below.

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Thanks to Apple’s partnership with leading equipment makers, your Apple Watch will interface with dedicated gym equipment to share data like your heart rate while using equipment data like steps taken in order to more accurately calculate calories burned.

There are also three new watch faces to choose from, including a Toy Story face, a dedicated Siri face that displays dynamic information based on your habits and other data, plus the new Now Playing and Apple News complications.

Andrew highlights the new Toy Store faces in a separate video, seen above.

Fitness buffs will love all-new monthly challenges in the Activity app which take advantage of intelligent coaching and tailored workout encouragement to keep them motivated. Every morning, you’ll receive a personalized notification if you’re close to earning an achievement.

Your watch will suggest what you can do to match yesterday’s activity levels. If needed, toward the end of the day, you’ll be told exactly how long you should walk to close you Activity Rings before the day is over. In addition, you will also receive unique Monthly Challenges designed just for you, and much more.

Are you ready for watchOS 4?

Are you excited to make a jump to watchOS 4? And while we’re at it, what are your favorite new features in watchOS 4, and why? Will you be upgrading today or in the coming days?

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  • Dinesh Koritela

    I had installed Watch OS4 Beta1 in my Series 1 model watch, after that i didnt update the beta to the latest. Now i have updated my iphone to iOS11 and not able to pair my watch, which has watch OS4 beta1. Any suggestions ?

    • Luizo

      Did you delete the beta profile?

      • Dinesh Koritela

        I guess it got removed when ios 11 got installed. I dont see any profiles anymore.

  • F Sergio

    do I need to be on ios 11 to find the update for watch OS 4? because I can see the ios 11 update for my iphone but can’t see the update for the watch… if so is there a way to update while I am on ios 10?

    • Dinesh Koritela

      Yeah, You need to install iOS11 on your iPhone to see watch OS 4 Update.

  • Diego

    Same here, I’m sill on iOS 10 and I’m gonna stay in this version.
    But no watchoS 4 here to update.
    Need to be on iOS 11 to be able to update do watchoS 4?

    • Dinesh Koritela

      Yeah, You need to install iOS11 to see watch OS 4 Update.

      • Diego

        too bad, I guess I’m staing on watchoS 3

  • Juniors234

    Mine is installing atm. took me 30 mins -_-

  • SunLord5

    WatchOS4 got a problem?
    WatchOS 4 removes Siri’s ability to speak on my Nike+ Apple Watch Series 2 . If anyone has this same problem please let me know in the comments. I’d love to know the solution to #GetSirisVoiceBack !