Yesterday, Apple unveiled the most advanced iPhone to date. The iPhone X is an incredible machine with an amazing OLED screen. In a special Wallpapers of the Week series, we are releasing multiple iPhone X wallpaper packs. We are excited to take full advantage of the wide color spectrum and intense black contrast capabilities of this new phone, through wallpapers.

Why wait until you have your shiny new device in hand before collecting wallpapers into a folder, ready to sync on day one? Take a look for an iDownloadBlog exclusive pack of iPhone X Wallpapers by @Axellvak!

iPhone X wallpaper pack

Answering my Call to Action, @Axellvak created a five wallpaper pack specifically for iPhone X. The resolution of the new device is 1125 x 2436. The pack below is created at 3,000 x 2,000, more than enough to take advantage of the display, with room for parallax effects. The size makes these images almost twice as large as the new device, but the wallpapers were created on previous iOS leaks, which lacked exact dimensions. Either way, they are perfect for the new screen!

Thanks, again, to @Axellvak for allowing iDownloadBlog the exclusive opportunity to launch these wallpapers! Check out an amazing wallpaper collection via his online gallery.

If you find any iPhone X wallpapers or want to be alerted of my findings and upcoming posts, be certain to follow along via @jim_gresham. On Twitter, I communicate with Wallpaper of the Week fans, collect submissions for the site, and RT images throughout the week! Stay tuned! More iPhone X wallpaper packs are yet to come. Follow along to be the first to know.

Download: iPhone X

Download: iPhone X

Download: iPhone X

Download: iPhone X

Download: iPhone X

  • Arijit Biswas

    None of them looks promising

  • JonathanM

    Too bad we don’t get the phone for another 2 months. Sad!

    • Shadowelite123

      Honestly, as long as the release issues are at a minimum, I’m all for waiting. Wouldn’t want a crisis like with the 7 release.

    • Up Stream

      too bad you can afford it and some can’t!

      • William Schell

        Tough shit

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  • Daniel Moura

    i want the ones in iphone X when they show in the event

  • Neri Casados Franco

    Does anyone know why this happens? It’s the same with all of these wallpapers :/

    • Having the same problem on my 6 Plus.

    • Alan

      Take a screenshot of the photo and use that to set your background.

    • Firedomain

      A bit late, but I found rotating the picture & then rotating it back fixes the issue. Strange…

    • Bob Mussini

      Open it with Photoshop and save as another jpg.

  • Rico San

    Best of the three packs so far, IMO. Looks great on my iPhone 6S Plus and my Galaxy S8+. Thanks!


    Downloaded and applied to my iphone x. I mean gs8. Thanks

  • Eddy Nelson Lopez

    They look amazing on my Note 8