iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith dug up some interesting code strings from HomePod’s version of iOS that may potentially provide valuable insight into iPhone 8’s virtual Home button.

As Apple’s edge-to-edge handset is widely expected to ditch iPhone 7’s non-moving physical Home button and replace it with its virtual counterpart sitting in a so-called function area at the bottom of the OLED display, questions arose as to how the feature could be implemented.

  • nonchalont

    I’m sure it’s all for the better and it is a welcomed change.

  • Stephen Hedger

    I have an s8 as well as the iPhone 7 and I can honestly say having a physical home button is so good.

    There’s a saying, you don’t know what you have got until it’s gone

    And by golly the home button will be missed by so many.

    Having rear Touch ID or face unlocking is such a pain in the arse. As is having to swipe up the screen on a video or game to get the virtual home button to show. Makes everything more time consuming

    Just so phones can have a slightly bigger screen!

    After using the s8 for a week when I went on holiday, it felt so good to get back to the iPhone and physical home button.

    • my wife has the s8 as well, not so sure Samsung put a lot of thought while implementing the digital home button as apple is probably doing! on the s8 most of the time you simply push where the home button is and hope noting else will fire up but its the home button you are pressing! at least they added force touch in that area alone. I expect apple’s implementation to be a whole lot better!

    • Rowan09

      The iPhone 7 doesn’t really have a “physical” home button. Apple does a great job simulating a button press, so it feels natural.

  • FlaggyDiggler

    First of all, it’s not edge to edge, it has a small 4mm bezel and that cutout at the top is just disgusting in my opinion!

  • zebonaut

    Apple should remove the icons from the first few rows of page one; and use the space for Clocks; quick links etc….


    Gave up my 7 after 8 years with iphone for an S8..guess I’m one of the 1% that doesn’t regret it and won’t be going back

    • Mallouk Malek

      I’m so tightened up to apple store otherwise i would have bought the s8 !

    • R3VVEDUP

      id like to follow this up by saying i went back