Apple has purchased sophisticated equipment to set up its own research and development facility in Taiwan to develop its own OLED technology in order to reduce its dependence on Samsung Electronics for iPhone OLED panels.

According to a repot Monday from Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, the Cupertino giant has purchased chemical vapor deposition (CVD) machines from Korea-based Sunic System to build a 2.5G OLED panel line.

In-house OLEDs will allow Apple to differentiate its products from other handsets that use Samsung-built OLED panels. According to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report cited by DigiTimes, the move will break the dominance of Japan-based Canon Kokki, currently the primary supplier of CVD machines that ships the bulk of its output to Samsung.

“Samsung has bought five sets of OLED manufacturing equipment from Canon Tokki so far in 2017 and has signed contracts to buy five out of ten such machines to be rolled out by the Japan-based machinery company in 2018,” said the Commercial Times.

LG Display also purchased these machines but Apple has yet to validate its OLED panels.

iPhone 8 mockup via iDropNews.

  • OtterWithKids

    Sounds good to me. Every penny we can take away from the plague that is Samsung is a step in the right direction.

    • Iliyan

      That is a silly comment. I’ll never buy a Samsung product again either, but it’s good for both of us if they are going strong. Competition is good for the end user.

      • OtterWithKids

        To each their own. I agree that competition is good, but Samsung is so horrible that I’d rather see them out of business, if only to send a message to any other company that considers having customer service that bad.

      • Jerry

        I don’t want to see them out of business but I want to see them penalized for all the BS that has been going on and now they’ve been treating their customers

      • Jerry

        I’m with you I can’t believe people still buy their phones but competition is good and I like that Samsung forces Apple to push ahead

      • Galaxy Life

        I buy their phones because they stand head and shoulders above the rest.

        I paid $850 for the S8 times 3 and they’re great.

        I am however quite pissed that they never sent me those free Gear VRs and I called them about it like 10 times before I gave up.