Apple is working on a 3D face scanning feature that could replace Touch ID in iPhone 8, reports Bloomberg. Citing sources familiar with the product, the outlet says that the “improved security system” allows users to log in, authenticate payments, and launch secure apps by scanning their face.

This is powered by a new 3-D sensor, added the people, who asked not to be identified discussing technology that’s still in development. The company is also testing eye scanning to augment the system, one of the people said.

The sensor’s speed and accuracy are focal points of the feature. It can scan a user’s face and unlock the iPhone within a few hundred milliseconds, the person said. It is designed to work even if the device is laying flat on a table, rather than just close up to the face. The feature is still being tested and may not appear with the new device. However, the intent is for it to replace the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, according to the person.

Apple wouldn’t be the first tech company to integrate face-scanning tech into its handset. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has an iris scanner that can be used to unlock the phone, although it has received mostly negative reviews. Apple’s face-scanning sensor is believed to be more secure, thanks to 3D depth perception.

Thus far, a majority of the leaks and reports we’ve seen regarding the iPhone 8 have pointed to a device without a Home button, leading many to believe Apple found a way to embed Touch ID into the display. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, however, agrees with Bloomberg’s facial recognition theory.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Newgunnerr

    No no no! I don’t want this new censor to scan my face. There is NO way it’s faster than Touch ID. Also way less practical. I’m not buying the iPhone 8 without Touch ID. Put it in the power button or I’m out

    • askep3

      For real, this can’t be real simply because it’s a step back from Touch ID. Even fast and basic facial recognition never caught on. I mean imagine someone beside you grabbing your phone and unlocking it by pointing it at your face. This is more likely to occur than the phone being robbed. Also it’s so inconvenient, I like having my phone on the home screen by the time I have it out of my pocket. It’s ready to use since I unlock it while taking it out.

  • [RECON1]

    I don’t think that’s going to work very well with Apple Pay and in low light conditions.

  • malhal

    Will it also work on Halloween?

    • Jay

      Lol, no masked parties for the iPhone owners if this is true.

  • JayV81

    Bloomberg gets a lot of things wrong. I wouldn’t worry about it. Touch ID is fast and reliant. No way is Apple gonna replace it.

  • Jay

    All I can say is.. It better not.. not using FaceID for purchases. Dont feel like holding my phone up to my face just to unlock it. Sure it may be more secure but I will pass on the device if it doesn’t have the fingerprint sensors or both..

  • I think these analysts must be snorting LSD or something, there’s no chance on this earth that Apple will ditch TouchID, it’s still fairly new, the logistics and the hardware behind it is really picking up pace. They will have invested billions into getting TouchID in the public’s hands and they’re not going to throw it all way so quickly.

    • askep3

      Thank you, this made me feel better. Also it totally makes sense like apples not going to ditch Touch ID

  • Personally I hope this won’t replace touchID. Not only is Touch ID very very fast and more convenient but it’s more secure. I do see fast reliable facial scanning having massive possibilities in terms of integrating into AR kit, but we’ll have to see what Apple does with the tech.

  • Jmmso

    If this prediction becomes true, I will buy an iPhone 7Plus.

  • George

    This would be a nightmare for people who wear hats. Also this technology can easily be tricked with a photo.

    • aXe

      it would be 3D facial recognition “thanks to 3D depth perception” as they mentioned… a flat 2D picture wouldn’t work… BUT… your girlfriend points your phone to your face while you sleep and then unlock it? isssh… lolll

      • Timothy

        You could already use a sleeping person’s hand to unlock Touch ID, though.

      • aXe

        True… but more chances of feeling it than just holding the phone above the person’s face

    • Timothy

      Note that it’s *3D* facial recognition. That won’t work with a photo.

  • Daniel Maia

    What if it’s dark?

  • Jose Rivera

    HIGHLY doubtful that they’d remove Touch ID seeing as how they JUST brought it to the MacBook Pro last year. Like seriously. I doubt they would do away with a technology that they’re implementing into a computer now…

  • Iskren Donev

    In my opinion Apple would rather put TouchID on the back of the phone rather than removing it altogether. It is simply a trusted technology that works and people are used to it. Having no fingerprint sensor will be like starting from scratch in the personal authentication space for Apple.