Following the June 5 release of developer-only previews of Apple’s four main software platforms at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the Cupertino giant today released first public betas of iOS 11 and tvOS 11.

You must enroll in the official Apple Public Beta Software Program (available at no charge) and download a special configuration profile via the website to your iPhone, iPad, or the fourth-generation Apple TV.

Sign in with your Apple ID through the website to get started. iOS 11 public beta has the same features as iOS 11 beta 2. The same goes for the tvOS 11 public betas.

After installing a configuration profile (click “Enroll Your Devices”), restart your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or the fourth-generation Apple TV, then and use the built-in Software Update mechanism in the Settings app to download and install the public beta.

watchOS betas are not available to the general public.

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“If you were testing a prior operating system, please re-enroll your device to start testing the next release,” the company notes.

TUTORIAL: How to unenroll from Apple Beta Software Program

Be sure the check out the official system requirements for iOS 11 before installing their public betas. tvOS 11 requires a fourth-generation Apple TV.

Will you be taking iOS 11 and tvOS 11 for a spin, do you think? If so, what features are you looking forward to the most, and why?

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  • burge

    In all the years I’ve been read this site it’s never got 1 beta update post wrong but that 2 new beta update posts on here that where wrong. Get it right guys as your army of loyal readers see this and then go and try and update and the update doesn’t exist. Not good not good at all.

    • Nevertrending

      Like burge says, seems we have to wait just a bit longer for High Sierra, Apple currently has it set as “macOS High Sierra Beta Coming Soon”

    • Eliijah Moss

      People are so quick to find errors in others, yet hate when errors are found in them. If you are so strict and require upmost proficiency, then go some where else. Last time I checked, this site is ran by humans, not gods.

      • burge

        You don’t get it do you. the site has TWICE said about beta releases that are out when in fact there’s nothing out. It’s called journalism and if you report about something it’s best not to report about something you’ve made up. Is it fact or fiction.

        And I can deal with people finding errors in me it’s called constructive criticism and it can help you become a better person.

        And if you read Sebs reply he totally understand me and he finds it unacceptable also. In case you don’t know it’s his site.

      • Eliijah Moss

        I think I understood too well. I could care less what platform is used. Expecting things to be accurate all of the time is like expecting a human to be perfect. It also does not matter if the author, owner, and/or writer has acknowledged his/her mistake(s). Yes, information, especially when it is projected to inform an audience, needs to be correct, however, to portray it as some cataclysmic event when the information is incorrect is asinine. If it was a serious mater, you would have contacted him privately.

      • burge

        It wasn’t a serious mater it was the fact the the site has put up 2 posts about beta releases that had not been released. It was more than just a mistake for it to happen twice and Seb acknowledged that.

      • M_Hawke

        No, they don’t get it.. And I don’t get why in the world they don’t get it. How stupid! Much of today’s society is ignorant or glossing over what journalism is supposed to mean. That’s why we have such distrust in the shoddy reporting today. Sebastian, clearly gets it and it’s no longer an issue. Except these guys want to continue the foolishness.

      • M_Hawke

        When did burge ever show that he does not like his errors pointed out? That’s a ridiculous thing to say and assume. And you and the others “defending” Sebastian’s errors are looking pretty foolish because 1) burge is right, and 2) Sebastian’s reply shows that burge was correct, and 3) Sebastian’s reply shows that burge was correct and the matter is closed. Yet you and other continue to complain and whine about burge. And burge is correct, this is journalism and some of you appear to forget that.

      • Eliijah Moss

        First of all, re-read my comment. Second of all, you can hoop off of me because there is nothing really to say to you or Burge.

        My comment shall remain as it is; a stand out to make people understand that we live in a world we’re human errors isn’t prevalent.

        Anyway, don’t say anything else to me. I have other things to worry about then explain my self to a grown person

      • M_Hawke


      • M_Hawke

        So…”we live in a world we’re [sp] human errors ISN’T prevalent?” (emphasis mine) That makes NO sense, either as a stand alone sentence or in context to your argument. (Especially with your typo/spelling error) You are saying that there are not many human mistakes made. That’s what you meant? If not, your post is HIGHLY ironic.

      • Eliijah Moss

        I do apologize for the miss spelling. I meant to say is. And thus my point is made; people make mistakes. To act as if any mistake is worth the time and effort to make noticeable is another issue. I also don’t see what is so funny about any of this.

        So, at this point, I rather agree to disagree. Arguing over something so mundane and idiotic while there are beter things to worry about.

        Good day!

    • JaredSlayer 103

      I downloaded iOS 11 on an iPhone 6. It was really laggy at first but it fixed itself in like an hour or so

      • Full updates usually do this, a simple reboot normally fixes this

    • JaredSlayer 103

      Does it run smoothly in an iPad?

  • Shadowelite123

    Gosh dang it iDB, had me going once again with the release of the next beta ;( I have notifications on lol

    • Vasu Chawla

      same feel! i woke up morning to see the notification and boom, nothing!

  • Geektorious
  • Anyone noticed 3D touch on the edge to invoke app switcher isn’t working. iPhone 6s Plus, please confirm?

    • Steve Harvey

      Yeah that hasn’t worked since the very first beta. Lots of bugs, why it’s a beta. Honestly though at this point they may be leaving out that, if they do I’ll be ticked. I love if.

      • I certainly hope that thry will return down the road when betas are bit stable. Fingers crossed.

    • kamocho

      Yup, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that that feature is gone in iOS 11, I don’t have the beta yet so I can’t confirm myself, but it has been bought up before

      • Thank you for your reply, if it’s gone, gone is the ease of invoking the app switcher.

    • john snow

      2nd beta and this not going to be fixed. It’s not iOS bug, it’s iOS engineers’s brain bug. I have no words to explain how much i hate them

      • Hating them already, only the most usable feature of 3D-touch.

  • Steve Harvey

    Language man you’re a journalist. Just repeat after me, “I’m sorry, I’ve got to apologize”.

    • Jamessmooth

      Oh grow up

    • Blip dude

      Pff, no offense taken here, and if anything I can at least appreciate him uncensoring how he feels about his f*** up.

  • kamocho

    Does anyone know if watchOS 3 (not sure if a beta of watchOS 4 has been released yet) can be synced with iOS 11?

    • Jamessmooth

      They don’t do watch betas

    • burge

      You can sync watch OS 3 with beta 11 and you can sync watch beta 4 with beta 11 you can not however sync watch beta 4 with iOS 10.

  • Jamessmooth

    Anyone running it on a new iPad Pro? I’m VERY tempted to do this on my 10.5

    • 77090

      I am and it’s amazing!!! On my 10.5 pro as well

  • burge

    I’m not blaming anyone and where did I say I was !!! So don’t go saying I did. Make it up as you go along why don’t you.

    I’m pointing out a fact that the site has done 2 posts in the last couple of weeks that got pushed out and where wrong very wrong. Seb acknowledge that and he’s not happy about it either. I’ve point out the fact that this site has never done a mistake like this but for it to happen twice in as many weeks is poor. And Seb knows that and even apologised for it. This site is in my pocket and I read this site daily as I have done since 2008 and I’ve yet never seen a post that had to be removed before and there has now been 2. So before you go spouting your mouth off at me I think you need to understand that this site gives us news/updates and relevant information but it shouldn’t and never has before pushed out posts that were wrong and had to be removed.

  • Is it available or not? My phone is not showing the update

  • techfreak23

    The app switcher is badly broken and I’m not a fan of the new Notification Center. I think I’ll switch back to 10.3. At least I got to add the new gestures to my AirPods!