Sleep researcher Roy J.E.M Raymann has departed Apple for the startup SleepScore Labs. MobileHealthNews has learned that Raymann will serve as the company’s Vice President of Sleep Science and Scientific Affairs.

Raymann’s LinkedIn profile states he helped develop the Night Shift and Bedtime features in iOS and Apple’s HealthKit and ResearchKit frameworks.

Prior to joining Apple, Raymann led sleep research at Philips where he wrote papers on mild skin warming as a non-pharmacological method of altering sleep quality and alertness.

His industry experience encompasses areas like specialized wearable devices, dedicated sleep-tracking sensors and non-pharmacological methods of improving sleep quality.

When Apple hired him back in 2014, observes speculated that Apple Watch would include built-in functions to let users track how well they slept at night. The wearable gadget debuted without any sleep-tracking features, but App Store offers a bunch of specialized sleep-tracking apps, like Sleep++ [review], HeartWatch, AutoSleep and others.

A joint venture between renowned surgeon and television host Dr. Oz, medical devices vendor ResMed and private equity firm Pegasus Capital Advisors, SleepScore Labs is a new San Diego-based company focused on helping people understand and improve their sleep.

From the company’s About page:

SleepScore Labs is currently in the process of examining how people sleep by compiling and analyzing the most comprehensive and accurate collection of consumer sleep data on the planet.

SleepScore Labs will use this data to deliver ultra-personalized insights, coaching, and validated solutions that enable you to make informed decisions about the behavioral and environmental factors that affect your sleep. Our goal is to help you get the best sleep of your life.

Raymann’s departure comes hot on the heels of Apple’s acquisition of Beddit, a sleep-tracking app available free on App Store. Beddit’s dedicated sleep-tracking accessory can be purchased via Apple Online Store for $150.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    So two features no one uses. Ok.

    • TJ

      Naw man.. “You” don’t use those features

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Well no one I know uses them

    • nova12

      I’m not jailbroken anymore so I definitely use Night Shift (since I can’t use f.lux anymore).

      i WOULD use Bedtime, but I have to get up at different times during the week, so it won’t work. I telework three days a week and I go into the office one day a week and have to get up much earlier that day bc of the commute/traffic.

      I get the concept of Bedtime and would like to try it, but I just can’t get up at the same time every day.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        I could never get into f. Lux and the screen looks weird like that. No one that I know uses those features. And yeah I feel ya on that. I telework once a week but to me bedtime doesn’t do much. I dont know maybe its just me. And plus I like to stay up on the weekends and sleep in lol so that may be why