Apple on Tuesday reported its [fiscal] Q2 2017 earnings, offering a look at its performance over the last 3 months. During the period, the company sold 50.8 million iPhones, down slightly from the year-ago quarter, and made $52.9 billion, up 5% from last year. Here’s a full breakdown of the numbers.

Q2 2017 numbers compared to Q2 2016 figures:

  • Revenue: $52.9 billion versus $50.6 billion last year, up 5%
  • iPhones: 50.8 million versus 51.2 million last year, down 1%
  • iPads: 8.9 million versus 10.2 million last year, down 13%
  • Macs: 4.19 million versus 4 million last year, up 4%

And here are some comments on the numbers from Tim Cook and Apple CFO Luca Maestri:

“We are proud to report a strong March quarter, with revenue growth accelerating from the December quarter and continued robust demand for iPhone 7 Plus,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We’ve seen great customer response to both models of the new iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition and we’re thrilled with the strong momentum of our Services business, with our highest revenue ever for a 13-week quarter. Looking ahead, we are excited to welcome attendees from around the world to our annual Worldwide Developers Conference next month in San Jose.”

“We generated strong operating cash flow of $12.5 billion and returned over $10 billion to our investors in the March quarter,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO. “Given the strength of our business and our confidence in our future, we are happy to announce another $50 billion increase to our capital return program today.”

Apple will be starting its conference call shortly, so stay tuned for more highlights from their Q2 earnings.

  • David Gow

    Is it a bug that I cannot zoom in on chart

  • GUY

    The iPad is really die-ing

    • Juschan

      they really should update it … even if the whole tablet market isnt that strong anymore a new iPad could bring back some life in this market i think

    • Rowan09

      Not dying just no need to upgrade as much. If it’s still works why upgrade? Phones on the other hand are different.

      • GUY

        How are phones different, if it still works why upgrade?

      • Rowan09

        They slow down quicker and usually have newer features since companies release them more often. The phone market is more competitive that the tablet market hence the significantly smaller share.

      • GUY

        They don’t slow down but they apear to do because of the constant refresh , same happens with tablets and btw the iPhone 5s is still super fast for its age
        In my opinion there should only be a hardware refresh every 3 years

      • Rowan09

        The 5s is pretty good, but a hardware refresh won’t work every 3 years for Apple especially when Androids are refreshed every couple of months. How would these companies make money unless they are going to charge a lot more for services if it’s only every 3 years? To be honest though big refreshes are only done every 3 years with Apple and they noticed it and decided to move from the 2 year cycle. Look at how people bash the 7/7+ as a small upgrade but say the S8 is a big upgrade. The 7/7+ has more new things than the S8 and people call it a S upgrade.

      • Shane Parsons

        My iPad battery still lasts about 2 weeks. My iPad doesn’t use Cellular network for connectivity. It still works like a charm after 3 years. MY iPad doesn’t go everywhere with me. My iPad isn’t near Pools, lakes, rivers and oceans very often. Hmm. Theres a HUGE difference.

  • aXe

    how can this be about Q2 when Q2 is not even over yet (Q2 = April to June) something is wrong about this table…