An unsung category in the Wallpapers of the Week, cars are everyday items that can exhibit much beauty. While we frequently post galaxy or minimalist wallpapers, I often get asked about a posting for car wallpapers.

Today, find a small selection of five vehicle-related wallpapers for iPhone. Given the vast expanse of a car category, the included images are those abstractly related to vehicles. Step inside for your download.

Car wallpapers for iPhone

Using this post as a springboard for conversation, please send me your favorite car wallpapers via @jim_gresham. However, send images that contain a true vehicle as the focal point. In the next few weeks, I will take your submissions and do a best-of collection for the wallpapers category!

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

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  • Noohar

    Porsche (Porsha) one for me

  • Robert Mathews

    I think it would be pretty neat if you got some Live Photos as some wallpapers. For us iPhone 6s and higher users.

    • There is no know way how to share a Live Photo via html.

      • SpideyRules

        But there is a way to make a gif, and have the link download a .zip file…

  • Diego Milano

    Some of these are really beautiful.

  • QP


  • Alex Wilson

    I love the photo of the millennial anti-theft device aka the stick shift!