An unreleased model of the Apple TV set-top box running tvOS 11, the next major revision to the device’s operating system, has appeared in developer logs, as first spotted by co-founder and programmer at Firi Games, a Dutch studio that creates games for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. A device carrying the “AppleTV 6,2” identifier reportedly uses an IP address suggesting it’s being tested in Cupertino.

For the comparison’s sake, the fourth-generation Apple TV carries the “AppleTV 5,3” identifier. The identifier definitely indicates that Apple has been testing fifth-generation Apple TV hardware for quite some time now. Bloomberg in February 2017 learned that a 4K-capable Apple TV refresh is being tested for release later this year.

The current Apple TV model runs tvOS 10.

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Apple is currently testing tvOS 10.2, a mostly bug-fix update with a few improvements like improved Siri Remote scrolling through really long lists, smoother user interface animations and more. With accelerated scrolling behavior, scrolling through a bunch of items in apps will now use iOS-like acceleration.

In other words, long lists will scroll faster the more you swipe on your Siri Remote.

Apple will preview tvOS 11 along with iOS 11 and the next major versions of macOS and watchOS at its annual conference for developers, which takes place this year in San Jose and kicks off with a keynote on June 5.

Source: @Tijmen on Twitter

  • Ramon

    Hopefully this one will support 4K content. Something that I would like to see is being able to use the lightning earpods with Siri Remote like the Roku remote.

  • 4K is available and people want it, so Apple shouldn’t wait years to include it.
    Personally I couldn’t care less. It makes no sense why they couldn’t enable this in the current AppleTV though.

  • ravinigga

    I have still 1080p display but output max 720p.
    So I can wait several years until my tv is total broken

  • 5723alex .

    I am never going to replace my Pioneer Kuro Plasma 1080p with a crap 4K LCD.

    • Wolff

      Had the 500M model. Had it ISF calibrated by a professional. Loved it! Unfortunatly it died on me a few years ago.

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    I love my 40 inch Samsung 1080p the images are just so crisp even low quality videos looks good