If you are lucky enough to own a set of AirPods, you love them, you take them everywhere, you show them to everyone, you run back into the house if you forget them. You are constantly grabbing and going these little wizards, which by most standards, are the best technology forward product Apple released in 2016. With all Apple products, I want to keep them safe and sound, but the high polish white plastic does not hold up very well against scratches.

Within about two days, my AirPods case was scratched and ruined. I use ruined fairly loosely, but any scratch on my Apple products is a total travesty. Thankfully, I stumbled across PodPockets, which now safely cradle my AirPods case.

AirPod PodPocket Protection

On a daily basis, I carry a keycard for entry to the office. Right pocket. My Jet Black iPhone, of course, gets its own. Left pocket. Therefore, if I want to constantly carry my AirPods around, what am I to do? I threw them in my right pocket with the keycard. Both are made of plastic, neither is particularly rough, so it should be fine. Wrong!

I must have walked less than a half mile with the card and my AirPods case in the same pocket and the case was completely wrecked. It looked like someone took sandpaper to both sides. The PodPocket aims to resolve this concern.

While the design is not completely enclosed, it still offers protection for a majority of the charging case. A thick silicon barrier fits the case extremely well. So well, in fact, that it is pretty difficult to spring the case from the PodPocket once inserted, which is a good thing. There is an opening on the bottom that allows immediate access to the charging port and also a way to push the case back out of the PodPocket. If you do clip this to your bag, the charging case is not going to accidentally slip and fall to its death.

A side loop connects to a tiny keychain with a clip, perfect for attaching to your day pack, purse, or belt loop. Although the belt loop may be awkward for everyone involved. The clip lets you stash it easily in plain sight, for a quick grab and go method I was hoping for all along.

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Now with a PodPocket wrapped around the case, I do feel comfortable throwing it in my pocket with anything else. Keep in mind, the top is still exposed so you can grab the AirPods easily. The material is silicon and naturally grabs some dust and lint, like any other silicon case you may have tried for an iPhone.

Also, it is a little thick for my taste, to keep in my pocket daily. Consequently, I keep this in my day pack. After speaking with PodPockets, there is a potential to release a slightly slimmer version that lacks the silicon loop and clip, for easier pocketability.

The PodPockets perfectly achieve their intention, to give you protection and quick AirPod access on the go. I would certainly call them practical, before stylish. Considering this is the only AirPod case I have seen thus far, if you are worried about protecting your investment, grab a pair in blazing red, indigo blue or cocoa gray for a fair $19.95. Having tested all three, go for red!

  • Moltakfire

    On a keychain, this sounds great. Anywhere else, and I’d be worried that someone could take it.

  • CD Mojo

    Thanks for this info! I’m expecting my Pods in 10 more days and I was just wondering today if there were any good protective carrying cases available. I ordered my PodPocket immediately!

  • websyndicate

    I just ordered mine yesterday (Thursday) from Verizon and I get them Monday. I need to order of these soon.

  • Colin

    Seems incredible you have to pay, 150 dollars for some plastic glued together headphones, then have to buy accessories to make them fit and case to protect the case that holds the Pods. Then you still need a other products to control them.

    • Timothy

      …you’d rather have metal earbuds? which are… screwed together, I guess?

      • Colin

        iFixit found the build quality of the AirPods to be lacking. Apple has always made itself out to be a company of quality and lambasted others for using plastic. So I think it is more than correct to point this out when it applies to it’s own products. Yes I would prefer a better constructed set of AirPods, there are metal ones available and ones with better sound, more functionality and fit properly.

      • Moltakfire

        Most earphones are made out of plastic.

        iFixit found the repairability to be lacking, not the build quality. As a consumer, you’re not going to be questioning the repairability of the innards now, are you?

      • Colin

        Some are, some are made of metal. Many phones were made of plastic yet Apple and Apple fans made this a point of ridicule. You cannot have it both ways. IFixit found soldering quality issues and copious use of glue and gave them a rare 0 score for repairability, which all in all does not inspire me with confidence about their quality and durability. When I am paying $150 for a pair of headphones I for sure want to have confidence they are well built and are fit for the purpose I bought them for, unfortunately the Airpods do not give me confidence on the first part and are a complete fail on the second.

      • Moltakfire

        Umm, what fans? If I remember correctly, four models of iPhone are plastic… this ridicule scenario you’ve invented is non-existent.

        Back to the matter at hand, you can’t assume iFixit would also say the build quality is lacking. “Does not inspire me with confidence”, unfortunately, is not a valid enough reason to assume the build quality lacks.

        The truth is, AirPods are an engineering marvel. In the same setting, AirPods are a disaster if you want to repair them.

        To quote Jonathan Mann: “If you don’t want an iPhone 4, don’t buy it. If you bought one and you don’t like it, bring it back.”

      • Colin

        You must have a bad memory Apple fans never stopped mocking Android phones when they were plastic. When someone says the soldering is not great and copius amounts of glue was used I instantly think of poor quality, do you actually think it is good?

        AirPods are a design disaster, some nice pairing features, but so many practical failings like I said with fitting, controls, easy to lose and noise intrusion.

        This is a forum for discussing opinions about products, if one is good I will say so, bad same. I may not buy either that is irrelevant.

      • Moltakfire

        So you’re basing this on uncorroborated sources? ‘Never stopped mocking’, hah. I deal with Apple fans daily; it doesn’t seem like they’re mocking plastic.

        iFixit gave the Apple Watch a 5/10 out of repairability. That doesn’t meant the build quality is bad, it simply means it’s hard to repair once damaged. You’re confusing repairability with build quality. Build quality first focuses on the creation of the product and the point of sale, repairability focuses on the period after sale.

        AirPods aren’t a ‘design disaster’. Speak your mind as you wish, but don’t expect people to blindly read your claims and not voice their own opinions.

    • igorsky

      You don’t have to pay anything.

  • Andre Gironda

    Figured out on day one that the AirPods case fits perfect in any jeans watch pocket. You know, the smaller pocket that’s a bit further closer to the hem on the right-side pocket?

    I wear a size 30-inch waist jeans, so they are bound to fit in most men’s jeans — but maybe not women’s, nor boy’s — and they might fall out of a large man’s jeans watch pocket. Watch out!