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One of the major shortcomings for those with iPhones and iPads, especially those with lots of apps installed on them, is the fact that you have to move or delete your apps one at a time. This becomes cumbersome when you want to put a number of your apps in or out of folders or delete multiple apps at once.

A new jailbreak tweak called MultiActions, on the other hand, will exclude your device from these shortcomings, as it allows you to move or delete multiple apps in bulk without having to do things one at a time.

The tweak has three major features, all of which work when your device is in ‘jiggle’ mode, which is the mode you put your device in when you want to move or delete apps. Those include:

  • Making a new folder from multiple apps on your Home screen
  • Moving multiple apps from a folder back to the Home screen
  • Deleting multiple apps from your device at a time

Making new folders with multiple apps

The first major feature we’ll talk about is making a new folder out of apps from your Home screen. After installing the tweak, you can invoke ‘jiggle’ mode by tapping and holding on any app icon from your Home screen, and then you’ll be able to tap on as many of your apps as you want. As you do, the tweak will mark your icons with red numbers, all of which indicate that an app has been selected.

In this case, we’ve selected three apps from the Home screen, so you see the numbers 1 through 3 in the order we’ve tapped. As you select apps, you’ll see a black bar appear at the bottom of the screen, which includes buttons for all the things you can do after selecting apps. Tapping on the one that looks like a folder will allow you to create a folder out of the apps you’ve selected:

MultiActions New Folder

You will then be asked to give the folder a name, and when you name it and tap on the Confirm button, the new folder will be created and all the apps you had selected will be placed inside of it, as shown above.

Moving folder apps back to the Home screen

Another thing you can do after installing MultiActions that’s sure to be useful is move apps from folders back to the Home screen in bulk. To do this, you will enter ‘jiggle’ mode and double-tap on the folder to open it. Double-tapping is required because the tweak will select the folder rather than open it otherwise.

Once you’re in the folder, you can begin tapping on icons from inside of it to select them and then from the black bar, tap on the icon with the folder and arrow, which will move the apps out of the folder and onto your main Home screen.

When you do this, you will get a confirmation message asking if you want to remove the two apps from the folder, and after you tap on the Move button, the apps will be moved to the Home screen as expected:

MultiActions Move Out of Folder

Deleting apps in bulk

Finally, you can also use this tweak to delete your apps in bulk, which is useful when you realize you’ve been downloading too many free games or apps you don’t need and want to do some Spring cleaning.

After entering ‘jiggle’ mode on your device, you can then tap on and select as many app icons as you would like. Once selected, you’ll have the black bar at the bottom of the screen once again and can tap on the trash button inside the bar. This will invoke the following prompt, asking you to confirm you want to delete app the apps you’ve selected:

MultiActions Delete Apps

When you tap on the Delete button, all of the apps will be removed from your device simultaneously. Since we selected three apps, that means all three get deleted in just a couple of taps, rather than having to repeat this process three separate times.

Configuring MultiActions

MultiActions also adds a preferences pane to the Settings app that lets you configure a number of options.

MultiActions Preferences Pane

When you go there, you’ll find an option for enabling or disabling the tweak on demand, as well as the following:

  • Allowing selection of folders from the Home screen
  • Choosing how to open folders when selection is enabled
  • Enabling or disabling confirmation messages for folder names, app removal, and moving apps to folders in bulk
  • Keeping Cydia apps from being uninstalled by the tweak

The default settings seemed pretty good to me, but with all these options, you can customize your experience whenever you’d like to. There is no need to respring your device to save any of your changes, as they happen on the fly.

Because I always find myself downloading free junk games from the App Store all the time, and then forgetting to delete them later, this is a tweak I would love to have on my own daily driver device if it were still jailbroken. It’s well executed and performs an array of useful actions that I’m sure many will agree with. It also stands up well against its main competition, which is MultiIconMover+.

If you’re interested in trying MultiActions, you can download it on your jailbroken device from Cydia’s BigBoss repository today for no more than $1.49. The tweak requires iOS 9 to be installed.

What are your thoughts on MultiAction? Share in the comments below!

  • I’m not a fan of the design of the tweak but it definitely is a great idea. The kind of stuff you should be able to do without a tweak.

    • Yeah, I see what you’re saying. It could be made more iOS-like.

  • Richard Fairbanks

    It would be great if it could move apps, in bulk, to an existing folder!

  • Anonymouse

    Multiiconmover+ is the original and still the best. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery apparently, or good artists copy etc etc

    • Diego Milano

      I was thinking about this last night, and how many tweaks do the same. I still do not discard the fact that the same idea may spring up in several individual’s minds and, the fact that some tweaks are no longer being updated is precisely why releasing the idea again is always welcome. A good example of this is A3tweaks and their average update turnaround times which is quite poor (if they ever update a tweak at all, save for a few exceptions, such as Apex), where Auxo was almost replicated by Charlie Hewitt under the name of seng.

      • Anonymouse

        There are many ‘copies’ of tweaks no doubt with or without knowledge of the original. If a developer is too lazy or abandonef or other such reason to update and barring no patents, then why shouldn’t that tweak continue on in another name. Multiiconmover has been religiously updated from ios 4 through to 9 (I’m on 9). I’m not aware that the dev has abandoned it, so cooying to me if that is the case in this instance is dirty pool. Unless you’re ok with copying current valid tweaks?

      • Diego Milano

        Not at all. My comment did not apply to this particular situation and was more generic. I’ve also seen the same idea being released in two different flavors: one for free and another as a paideia license (that’s also a generic statement).
        If you want to help the original developer, report this incident like I did.

      • Anonymouse

        Understood regarding your general comment. As for making the original developer aware of a possible infringe on their tweak, I hadn’t considered it, so thanks. I’ll pass on the news and the response will be interesting.

      • devvv

        I was somewhat involved in releasing this tweak and I want to comment on what you call “copying”, because it sounds really unfair towards the developers.

        From the very beginning this tweak was planned to be compatible with MultiIconMover. The numbers are showing in the middle, so they will not overlay with the MultiIconMover numbers. The tweak is not implementing moving icons between pages or to already existing folders just because it’s already done by MultiIconMover. The focus was to add features that MultiIconMover is not doing: deleting apps and creating folders from multiple apps at once. Nobody tried to copy MultiIconMover, it’s a great tweak, but VICE VERSA features that MultiIconMover already has were not even considered. We had a plan to even improve compatibility with MultiIconMover by not showing double numbers on top on icons, if both tweaks are installed.

        Now this article’s title is also a little bit misleading, because it says that MultiActions “lets you move icons in bulk”. The only place, where it can move icons is OUT of the folder, which is literally UNDOing the folder creating operation. It cannot move icons like MultiIconMover and was never planned to do so.

        I feel really sad because of misunderstanding, because from the very beginning the tweak’s functionality was chosen with the best intentions to do, what other tweaks are not yet doing and be compatible with other tweaks (like MultiIconMover, this tweak is also fully compatible with CyDelete if it’s installed). Now, when you read through this comment, please let me know, if you still think that we copied anything :(? Like really?

        Thank you for those, who read this comment through.

      • Anonymouse

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. My comment was in response that some devs abandon their tweaks and I followed that up by saying, “I’m not aware that the dev has abandoned it, so copying to me if that is the case in this instance etc etc” i said if, because I noted that your multiple deleting is not one of multiiconmover’s functions. Where the similarities came across was as you say the moving of apps in bulk and also the configuring. Eg: single and double tap to open. Plus making a new folder from multiple apps on home screen or any screen for that matter.
        The good artists copy, great artists steal comment was in reference to a Steve Jobs comment over certain ideas being copied or stolen and then enhanced to suit the newer idea. Not a bad thing.
        It helps considerably that you’ve addressed the perceived similarities with a more in depth explanation and intention. Whenever someone else describes a tweak I suppose their interpretation may differ slightly, unless the dev writes or proofreads the article I suppose this will happen from time to time. So to answer you question, no I don’t think you copied multiiconmover+, given the number of functions both your tweaks do, naturally there are a couple of superficial similarities I mentioned above which are unavoidable, expected and quite reasonable.

  • leart
    • burge

      You do know it’s not made by nokia ?
      You do know it’s a cheap device at only $245.
      You do know it’s only going to be available in China.

      You do know it has more ram than any iPhone ?

      You do know it starts at 64Gb ?

      You do know it has a 16Mp camera ?

      5.5 full High definition screen.

      So for a cheaper ( a lot cheaper) device it does have a few better specs than the iPhone 7.

      • leart

        thank you for the information..

      • leart

        I own many iPhones so I’m not going to argue that ram or specs are a little diferent on apple devices instead on virtual machines (android)
        my point was, why the f*** apple details should be copied every time

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        Tell me then, if the iPhone has such low specs, which corespond to some 2013 phones, why does it beat the competition in all benchmarks, or stays right on to of them?

        It has been proven time and time again that specifications do not matter on iDevices. The optimization between iOS and the hardware is so good, that the iPhone is able to outperform devices with double the specifications.

      • burge

        You seem to think that I’m playing down the iPhone. Just to make it clear to you I’m not so wind you neck back in.