Mac Tips

Just like you can easily insert a period when you double-press the Space bar on your iPhone or iPad, this feature has now made its way to macOS Sierra. It seems to be disabled by default if you’re upgrading a Mac to macOS Sierra, but it was definitely enabled by default on my brand new MacBook Pro.

While I find the feature helpful on iOS, it actually gets in the way of my typing habits on my Mac. For that reason, I have chosen to stop my Mac from adding a period at the press of a double-space.

Don’t add period with double-space!

Like its iOS counterpart, this feature is tucked away in the Keyboard settings of your Mac. If like me you don’t want to insert a period when pressing the space bar twice, go to System Preferences > Keyboard, then select the Text tab.

add period double space

To the right of that window are several checkboxes for typing-related options. Simply uncheck the box labeled Add period with double-space and you’ll be good to go.

Is that a feature you use on your Mac? What about on iOS?

  • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

    I did not know that.Thanks

  • Thanks! This was very much annoying me, especially when ‘messing’ with programming languages.

  • Ann O’Mynous

    omg thank you. I thought there was something wrong with my space bar, lol

  • Jeanne de Florette

    Thank you for this tip. I took two years of typing in high school, so I KNOW that two spaces are required after a sentence before beginning a new one. The computer kept adding another period and I thought I was going mad. ONE space after a semi-colon or comma; TWO spaces after a period (end of sentence).