Fiksu iOS 10 adotion

According to latest stats from marketing firm Fiksu, based on data obtained from “millions of iPhones and iPads” running Fiksu client apps, iOS 10 is now powering two-thirds (66.7 percent) of active iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices in the wild.

iOS 10 released 26 days ago on September 13,2016. Fiksu data suggests faster adoption for the latest mobile operating system from Apple than any previous iOS update.

Data from research firm Mixpanel is showing a similar trend with an estimated 65.38 percent adoption rate for iOS 10 as of Monday, as shown on the below chart.

Mixpanel iOS 10 adotion

TechCrunch weighs in:

What’s interesting is that iOS 10 adoption was moving fairly slowly during the first two weeks of its launch – slower than iOS 6 through iOS 9, in fact. It then quickly jumped up toward the end of September.

This is an usual pattern in terms of new mobile OS upgrades among Apple’s user base–typically, adoption doesn’t spike quite so sharply. Adoption increased 20 percent from September 27 through October 4.

The site notes this pattern could be related to when Apple timed its push of “update alerts” to users, suggesting that iOS 10 alerts could have been delayed, which would explain why we’re seeing the upgrade delay followed by a big spike.

By comparison, here are adoption rate figures for prior iOS editions, as measured by Fiksu 26 days after their respective releases:

  • iOS 9—61.6 percent
  • iOS 8—44.1 percent
  • iOS 7—60.4 percent
  • iOS 6—60.6 percent
  • iOS 5—40.1 percent

It took iOS 9 over a month to reach the majority of iOS users and two and a half months to reach 70 percent of devices, according to data from Apple.

Apple should start tracking iOS 10 in its official iOS adoption rate figures which can be accessed through the App Store dashboard webpage.

Source: Fiksu via TechCrunch

  • John Smith

    Well that’s partly because a difficult-to-dismiss notification keeps popping up notifying you of iOS 10. My grandma even accidentally updated to it, and all she knows how to use is the AirPlay option with YouTube and FaceTiming us from her iPad. Kind of a low blow from Apple, it took a while for her to understand how to unlock it.

    • leart

      just use that tvOS profile, one click and no ota update ever.. my 6s+ is 9.3.5 and so far never downloaded the update without my permission ..

      I’ll post the link here

      • Jordan James Dalzell

        I’m using the same set up and it’s great. No annoying daily pop ups prompting me to update. I just hope the profile doesn’t expire or something so this stops working.

      • leart

        I really hate those without permission update (download) .. your in the middle of your business and realize that your device is hot, because it was working hard on background … and I don’t accept this, every time a device gets hot, it looses a little of battery lifespan..

        don’t believe that the profile will expire very soon.. and even if it will, will be tvOS beta 11 🙂

    • Jamessmooth

      God that’s true. I’m getting sick of that dumb notification! Every. Day.

  • Rolf Bause

    Well, I’m staying on mi 9.3.3 – that’s for sure!

    • Docservlet

      Why do you feel the need to share that? iOS 10 is fantastic.

      • Blip dude

        Is it really?? But I guess it’s a matter of opinion. There’s nothing interesting or new about iOS 10. Happily Jailbroken on iOS 9.3.X. I might update if I end up getting the Apple Watch, but if I don’t then I won’t.

      • Docservlet

        I’m enjoying it immensely. Nothing new????
        Just the link message preview alone is gold. I haven’t jailbroken in years!

      • Blip dude

        That’s it?? No true multi-window tasking on the iPad, still no (limited) ability to customize the OS, no lockscreen/home screen SMS composing, no Dark mode, no colored notifications (maybe not necessary but definitely helpful). Really, just pointless “updates” to the messages app with the somewhat exception of a link preview?? Isn’t that what 3D Touch was for?? (Also another feature I’ve yet to use without a Jailbreak).

        Guess what?? I can get all of these from a Jailbreak on iOS 9 right now. The only thing I’m missing out on with iOS 10 is the VoIP feature but I hardly use Line and Skype nowadays. I’m already getting my Google Voice calls redirected to my phone on iOS 9.

        Again, overall just gimmicks that I personally don’t need. To some people a Jailbreak may be pointless, but the same can definitely be said for iOS 10.

      • Docservlet

        What the heck is wrong with you? I simply MENTIONED ONE!

        Better music interface
        Siri API
        Massive maps improvement
        Home App
        Evolved 3D touch interfaces
        Rich notifications/context predictions.
        Massive change to machine learning within apps like photo.

        The gimmick here is your “intelligent” response when it’s anything but.

      • Blip dude

        And you got upset for pointing out more than one of the features that are clearly missing from iOS w/o a Jailbreak?? Thanks for giving me another list of that’s it features, where I can give one response: Those are features that should have been added ages ago.

        Sure, 4 major updates later we can have one less maps app and the massive change to machine learning within apps are something to look into.

        But better music interface?? Eww, I use the music and messages app the most on my iPhone and this by no means is better than the pre-iOS 8.4 interface.

        Funny you insult my intelligence by calling it a gimmick, cause clearly that’s what you’re falling for. Really, calling my intelligence a gimmick for pointing out clearly what you should already been implemented and why Jailbreaking continues to exist. I never even mentioned anything about intelligence.

      • Docservlet

        Thanks for proving my point. You’ve confirmed your superior ignorance. I only posted a PARTIAL list. When something is NOT there, it is NOT there. Whether it should have been added ages ago is pure conjecture and idiotic opinion on your part. 4 Major updates later there is a MASSIVELY IMPROVED maps app. The music interface is MASSIVELY improved.
        AI learning has been implemented across photos and similar apps. Differential privacy has been implemented.

        You spout off a list of idiotic android features like anyone really cares about those versus what’s been implemented. “true multi-window tasking on the iPad” versus the split screen that’s been implemented. “still no (limited) ability to customize the OS” what customization idiot? It’s not android. You want an inferior OS with customization and no security, go get android. The rest of your comments are just idiotic….dark mode???? Are you a child?

      • Rolf Bause

        Because a jailbroken OS will always win against a no JB OS for me 😉 And I personally see no innovation in iOS 10…

  • AwesomeSauce

    Yeah I updated now youtube airplay not working. Thanks Apple.

  • :D

    Title should say iDevices

  • Is there any way to roll back. I now have a massive problem with Blue Tooth in my 2015 Subaru Forester where it takes about 5 seconds before I can hear the call after I have accepted it. I didn’t have this issue before.