No matter how many Wi-Fi networks you use on a daily basis, and no matter the purpose, a new jailbreak tweak called WiFi – The Strongest Link could help ensure you’re always using the strongest Wi-Fi signal possible.

This tweak will constantly monitor the Wi-Fi networks around you in real time and try to keep you connected to the one with the strongest signal.

For example, if you’re near three Wi-Fi networks: one with 50% signal, another with 25% signal, and the last with 75% signal, this tweak will automatically switch you over to the last one with 75% signal because it has the highest signal strength of the three available around you.

In situations where you live or work in Wi-Fi congested areas, your iPhone or iPad will normally stay connected to the first network you connect to until it physically can’t anymore, and this tweak does away with that problem.

By keeping yourself connected to the Wi-Fi networks with better signal strengths, you can load web pages more quickly, reduce power usage, and experience fewer error messages while using the internet.

After you install WiFi – The Strongest Link, you’ll find a completely reworked Wi-Fi preferences pane under Settings → Wi-Fi:

Wifi the strongest link preferences pane

You’ll see the pane has been modified to show you the MAC address of all the nearby Wi-Fi networks, their security status, more detailed signal strength, and more.

You’re also going to see a button in the navigation bar entitled “Passwds,” which takes you to your stored Wi-Fi passwords, and you’ll find more options at the bottom of the Wi-Fi settings.

There are two sections in the settings for this tweak, one labeled General Setup and one labeled Zone Setup:

Wi-Fi the strongest link preferences pane 2

When you go into General Setup, you can configure a network threshold that will dictate when the tweak will switch Wi-Fi networks for your convenience and you can also configure how network strength is displayed (percentage, dBm, or RSSI).

In the Zone Setup section, you can configure zones where you often use Wi-Fi. For example, you might want to make a zone for when you’re at home and when you’re at work so you can configure the Wi-Fi networks you use the most often there. This helps speed up the network-switching process by letting the tweak know what networks you trust switching to.

The Password section of the tweak basically shows a running list of all the secured networks and passwords you have stored. This can come in handy when you need to connect more devices and you’ve forgotten one of the passwords somewhere down the line:

Wi-Fi the strongest link network closed or open

Made with love for iOS 7 and later from the same developer who brought you CameraTweak 4, WiFi – The Strongest Link can be downloaded on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad from Cydia’s BigBoss repository today for a mere $1.69.

What are your thoughts on the functionality brought to the table by WiFi – The Strongest Link? Share in the comments!

  • Innes

    I could see this being handy at home with my dual band router. the 5ghz frequency doesn’t have the range of the 2.4ghz as it find its harder to penetrate walls etc. It could auto swap to the 2.4ghz when I’m on the other side of the house or in the garden. Shame I’m not jailbroken though. Watch Apple steal this idea on the next iOS!

    • Alan

      On some routers, there’s the option to enable this capability and have devices automatically switch to the strongest network. For ASUS routers at least, the feature is Roaming Assistant and is disabled by default. Obviously, this tweak is still useful for networks which don’t have this function enabled or even available, but it could be handy for your home networks if there’s a similar function for your router.

    • Jack Wong

      This tweak is not a solution to you.

      You should install another access point to get better/stronger coverage.

      • Banana-j

        well what if your in an office where you dont have authority to add another AP

      • Jack Wong

        I think Innes has mention that this is for his home, I also said “this tweak is not a solution to you”.

        Moreover, how you are going to judge the speed with the bars or wifi signal %?

        It could be 5 bars with 600mbps(max of 2.4G) or 2bars with 800mbps.

        Which one you prefer to stick with?

    • Scott Curry

      I have to disagree with your thought of Apple adopting this idea, unless they gave the user the option to switch from ‘use most secure available network’ to ‘use strongest signal’. Being that Apple is all about ‘making your device as secure as possible’ (laughable), I think they’ll stick with that.

      And I agree too bad I’m not jailbroken anymore, as this would be worth it, I think.

  • White nigga from the 6

    This is great, too bad I only have 1 router ….

  • evilmonkey07

    I must not understand quite how this works. I work in an area with a very large mesh network of hundreds of APs. Often I’m seeing an RSSI of -80 to -90 when standing underneath another AP. I’ve often had to switch wifi off and on to grab the new AP. So far, I haven’t seen any improvement, and I’ve tried setting the threshhold even higher, at 70%. I’ll keep testing it, but I’m just not seeing it working yet. Our APs here are between 30-50ft apart.

    Any tips?

    • Scott Curry

      Your WiFi administrators need to turn down the settings on the WAPs to allow for smoother transition between them.

  • Teddie Danh

    This seems to be a good tweak but it concerns me how the battery will be affected, doesnt this make our phone constantly searching for a better wifi signal?

  • Elzo Stubbe

    sorry tried the latest version, but it still does not work. Can’t create zones with specific networks. When I set a treshold for two networks with one very high signal strength and one more than 20% and I pick the second one manually it never changes the network to the first, much stronger network. So at this moment I really don’t know if it is my iphone interfering tweaks or something else…