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Apple is moving rapidly toward the launch of new MacBook Pro models, reports MacRumors. The site says it has learned that macOS 10.12.1 is largely focused on preparing the operating system to support the new laptop’s features, and it hopes to finalize the update by the end of next week so it can be loaded on the new hardware currently being produced by Apple’s supply chain.

Our understanding is that Apple is planning to seed one more beta version of macOS 10.12.1 for developer and public beta testing early next week, with a goal of finalizing the software update by the end of that week so it can be loaded onto the new hardware currently being produced by Apple’s supply chain partners. 

This timeline could of course change should last-minute bugs or other circumstances require adjustments to Apple’s plans, but if it holds true, it appears Apple could have its new MacBook Pro models ready to ship to customers some time in the second half of October.

It’s been well over a year since Apple updated the MacBook Pro, and reports for the upcoming refresh indicate it’s going to be a significant one. Rumored features include an OLED touch bar, built-in Touch ID, and a larger trackpad. The MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Pro lines are also in need of updates, but it’s unclear of they—along with Apple’s new 5K display—will be ready next month.

Source: MacRumors

Top image: concept by Martin Hayjek

  • Everybody knew that 6 months ago. *huge eyeroll*

  • Javiers

    I hope this is true.

  • George Colbeanu

    I just bought the current gen “15 model and I have 14 days to return it. This event better hurry up. Can’t quite work without a laptop 😀 …

    • Don’t think you’ll be able to hold on till then. Rumors have it that Apple’s event is going to be held on October 27th, and the shipping would be even later. You could always borrow a temp laptop from someone you know and return the one you have now. Because in my opinion, the new MBPs would be worth the upgrade.

      • George Colbeanu

        That’s what I’m afraid of… I would’ve done that if I could but as I’m always on the go and the power of a macbook pro is undoubtedly needed (video editing) I can’t quite borrow such an expensive machine.

        Now I wonder, when the new one comes out, will this version drop in price considerably ? As I could trade it in for a new one during summer.

      • Well the trade-in value will be significantly less. You’ll be losing money, of course. Unless you can get someone to buy it as the same price as you did (highly unlikely). You’d be best off using this machine until you feel like you need a upgrade or if you find a viable offer to change/upgrade to the new one.

      • Lordrootman

        Return this in 13 days go to different store buy new one and returned it in 13 days again until they unveiled the new one you can play the game until that day lol

      • George Colbeanu

        I wish that would work haha. Here in the UK, they take your address so.. That’s not gonna work, i think ?

  • Guava Angel Rosas

    Hope it looks as beautiful as those concepts!

  • airmanchairman

    Bring back the 17″ form factor, that’s what I say! Unibody FTW!

    Although I hear the current larger form factor (15″) is going to have such smaller bezels that the screen space will approach 16″ – here’s hoping…

  • James G

    Come on….Black iPad!