Current (or potential future) Apple Music users are going to want to check out this deal from PayPal. The e-payment company is offering a gift card good for a 1-year subscription to Apple’s streaming music service for just $99.

Since an individual subscription to Apple Music is typically $9.99/month, this makes for a ~$20 discount—or 2 free months of service. The gift card can be purchased via PayPal’s eBay store and is delivered within minutes by email.

Obviously, you’ll need a valid PayPal account for this deal, and unfortunately it’s for US users only. After you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to redeem the offer. Click it, and log in via your Apple ID.

From there you should see an option that says “Extend My Apple Music Membership.” Clicking that should prompt a message that gives you your new 2017 expiration date. Note that your membership will renew for $99 at that time.

You can redeem this deal here.

  • Mustache

    Has anyone with a family subscription bought one of these? What happened?

    • It is my understanding these are only valid for individual plans. Not family plans.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Your Highness.

      • Bill


      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Are you trolling me?

  • DarekSlaby

    This offer is available officially from Apple. Saw it in the store when I was picking up the iPhone 7

  • I wonder why these offers are only ever available in the US.

    • Lovepreet Mann

      Offer available on Apple’s Canadian website too..

    • Diego Milano

      Me too, maybe there are taxes or fees these companies need to pay for international business or who knows, I have no idea and that was just a wild guess.

  • TwinSon

    I’ve got a student membership for $4.99/mo.

    • Julio Hernandez

      I was doing that too but I figured a family plan is cheaper if you split it up with 5 friends because that rounds out to $2.50/mo so $30/year instead of $60/year

    • :|Alain|:

      It won’t work for me since I’m outside of the US.

  • dave

    Does this include the taxes on the 1 year subscription, or are we still looking at having those tacked on above the 99.00 (in my case an additional 8 bucks which would come from existing iTunes credit).

    • Lovepreet Mann

      No tax ..I bought one from Apple website

      • dave

        I mean tax on the year of music or does the gift card automatically give you the one year tax included?

      • Lovepreet Mann

        It just charged me 99 …no tax and gave me a year of music when I redeemed the card . As said it’s a gift card so that’s why no tax..

      • dave

        Well, I just bought it, and the *card* is 99.00 however when I use the code in iTunes to redeem it, and pay, I *am* charged tax on the cost of the 1 year — so in my case, I paid 99.00 for the card, but I am TAXED on the subscription itself from Apple, so that 1 year for 99.00 is BS, as it cost me an additional 8.17 in tax. What a scam.

  • Lovepreet Mann

    Available on Apple’s official web store . You can get it in your email from there.

  • Diego Milano

    What’s the most significance difference(s) between Spotify (Premium) and Apple Music?

    • QP

      Sound quality, Spotify is better. Plus, spotify is easier, has more songs and many other things.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    Sold at Best Buy as well

  • credulousgeek

    hmmm only restricted to US useless for non US users.