Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek said on Twitter this morning that the world’s leading music-streaming service now has forty million paid subscriptions. “40 is the new 30. Million,” reads the tweet. The Swedish service has been ramping up its streaming business for quite some time as it prepares for an initial public offering (IPO) so this should be music to the ears of Spotify’s investors.

On June 20 of this year, the company announced that it had 30 million paid accounts at the time and more than a hundred million users in total so it was basically able to add ten million new subscriptions in about three months.

That’s quite impressive given Apple Music had thirteen million subscribers as of April 26, 2016. During its September 7 iPhone 7 event, Apple revealed it’s since added four million new accounts for a total of seventeen million paid subscriptions on Apple Music.

It was estimated that Apple’s service signed up more than ten million subscribers in its first month. Apple Music is free during its first three months, after which it costs $9.99 per month, or $14.99 for a family of six.

Source: Daniel Ek

  • Malan Raja

    any jailbreak tweaks for Spotify?

    • Pi

      Spotilife by Julio Verne – works with the latest update

    • Jayy

      Yeah what the other guy said, Spotilife. I’ve had free preimum for months!

  • edwilk55

    I’ll never use Apple Music until they allow me to play the newest first in a playlist. Why the hell would the only option be to start from the oldest?

  • Impreza

    I wonder if these figures are including the 3 months for $2 deal which was pushed heavily around June which incidentally got my $2 which expires later this month.

  • Mike

    for my android people out there: Search for modded spotify apk. and you will get spotify premium without the price :p