This special edition of  the Wallpapers of the Week is coming a little earlier than usual to celebrate the release of iOS 10, but also because there has been an incredible demand for this one specific wallpaper.

Thanks to some very quick work from @AR72014, we present to you a re-creation of the wallpaper found on Apple’s iPhone 7 website.


Download this wallpaper for iPhone

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iPhone 7 wallpaper splash

We also have an entire collection of wallpapers based on images found on Apple’s iPhone 7 mini-site. You can find all these wallpapers here.

Submit any new wallpapers found in iOS 10 or the iPhone 7/Plus to me directly via @jim_gresham, to be featured in an exclusive post.

Images via PlaceIt.net

  • Ninja Ass

    Finally got this wallpaper

    • Ninja Ass

      But its not orginal

  • Sailor_V90

    I still find it absurd that Apple only updates the wallpapers based on the phone

  • Mike M. Powell

    I like the first one

  • Bretoslol

    Try to make your wallpaper for iPhone 7 in AmoLink.